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Marissa remarried her first husband, Greg. They were married 12 years ago before she worked for Bull. They’ve been remarried for 10 days. Everyone was at the ceremony except Bull who was still recovering in Arizona. 

Jason Bull returns to work after his heart attack to find that TAC has lost two cases in his absence. While recovering in Arizona he asked that no one contact him. 

TAC takes on a new case. Their client is Equisafe Insurance who is being sued by Julia Summerfield. Equisafe refused to pay for Julia’s liver transplant after an accident using microwave therapy for her cancer resulted in an apple-sized hole in her liver. Without the transplant, she has only a few months to live. 

The TAC team is upset to be representing the insurance company and not the dying woman with two young children but Bull points out that they need a paying client and they are not a charity. Equisafe is paying TAC a $2 million a month retainer. They have first call on TAC’s services.  

During the trial, the doctors and surgical staff agree to donate their services for Julia’s surgery but all of the testing and prep will still cost $400,000 to $500,000 and the prognosis is that it will only extend her life by about three years. Benny shows how many people die waiting for liver transplants and many of them might live decades if they receive one. 

Although no one thinks they will win, the jury in the civil trial rules in favor of the insurance company. 

Cable isn’t responding to phone calls, text, or emails. Danny goes to check on her and finds her missing. Danny eventually gets Cable on the FBI’s list of missing persons. Later they learn that Cable was killed days earlier in a bridge collapse. Everyone is devastated. 

Bull finds Julia and her family at the airport. He turns over the $2 million check to them, telling them that he just lost someone and that they should use the money for her transplant and to take care of their family. 



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Bull Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Benny: You know he’s not going to be the same guy. Something like that, confronting your own mortality, that’s got to change you.
Chuck: A kinder, gentler Bull?
Benny: How could he not be?

Marissa: You look fantastic.
Bull: I bet you say that to all of the acute myocardial infarction survivors.
Marissa: How are you feeling?
Bull: It’s hard to explain. Everything feels new and a little brighter but familiar and old and maybe a little worn at the same time. It’s good to be back.