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Boo ends up in the middle of a love triangle.

A fire forces just about everyone in Paradise to take refuge in the dance studio.

Talia prepares for her wedding to Rick.

Michelle finds a condom under the studio lockers.

Jeff and Carl do scenes from "Hope Springs."

The bunheads dance out Billy Elliot for the evacuees.

Michelle tells Talia how she feels about her getting married.

Talia announces she's pregnant.

Ginny sniffs Frankie's jacket.

Des talks to Melanie about going out.

Boo announces she's on the pill, but not having sex.

Frankie agrees to give Ginny guitar lessons, courtesy of Cozette.



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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Jeff: I like ranch chips.
Carl: I like ranch chips.
Jeff: I like ranch chips.
Carl: I like ranch chips.

Sebastian: To be clear, I like men and women equally. Both sexes work for me.
Michelle: Yeah, that's not going to lead to any misunderstandings at all.