Ginny: I'm an idiot. He's never going to talk to me again.
Michelle: You don't know that.
Ginny: He's just so beautiful.

Michelle: I didn't know you were dating Frankie.
Ginny: I'm not. He just exists with the rest of humanity.

Milly: Michelle never said she had a brother.
Scotty: Yeah, Michelle has a brother and he's in hell.

We drove an hour and a half to go to church? My grandmother's going to have a stroke.


I tried that once. I got her a job on an assembly line and she was totally useless.


Sasha: I think we need to consider having sex now.
Boo: With each other?
Sasha: No. With Roman and Carl.

Sasha: My pot roast is ready.
Ginny: Remember the Jiffy Pop days?
Melanie: We were just kids back then.

Ooohhh...that's a big banner. Who's Tranny?


Scotty: Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Fanny: I want you to know I have beaten a man unconscious before.
Scotty: So...a bad witch.

Why does everyone hear I'm on the pill and automatically assume I'm having sex?


I don't need to buy condoms. I'm on the pill.


So that was a condom, not a mint?


Bunheads Quotes

You pay per boob? If anything in the world should be sold as a pair it should be boobs!


Sure, we dance our asses off for two hours, they walk out for five minutes, flash their boobs and bring the house down.