Joanna Has a Breakthrough - Burden of Truth
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Joanna and Billy arrange a plea deal for Mercer. Luna, Taylor, and Owen are all unhappy that Mercer is getting off. 

Owen confronts Mayor Sheppard but she deflects.He eventually reports her to RCMP and she is arrested.

Diane thinks Owen is mad at her because he found out about her past. He is really mad about Mercer walking free and he's taking it out on her. Taylor entrapts Mercer. His plea seal only covers past crimes. Owen suggests Taylor become a cop.

Hanks is late to testify; his testimony is disregarded because he is drunk.

Millwood Family Services sends someone to do a home inspection for Joanna and Billy's baby's safety. Joanna tries to refuse entry but the woman says she doesn't need consent to come in.

ClearDawn's lawyer succeeds in creating doubt in the court over the testimony of both Kodie and Mercer.

Joanna ignores abdominal pain in court until she collapses. She is fine. 

Joanna shows a sample they submitted under Kodie's name that tested positive for cocaine and alcohol. It was a saliva sample from Solomon Stone's drinking glass when he visited Crawford Chang.

Stone explains the science away as faulty because a scientist did not collect the sample and it oxidized. Billy asks that they adjourn until tomorrow.

Luna gives Joanna a baby gift. They talk about David and Solomon Stone and decide to go deeper into Solomon Stone's childhood.

Stone's sister Heather died in a house fire when he was four. Their mother was drunk and a cigarette started the fire. Joanna works Stone up and gets him to admit he doesn't believe some people should be parents.

The court overturns all child apprehensions based on ClearDawn Labs results.

Joanna and Billy decide to take on the hedge fund for some extra money.

Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Owen: How did you get in here?
Taylor: Oh. Well, I just told them I was your niece. That guy doesn't seem too sharp.

You've lost this one, Miss Chang. If you were expecting a last-second capitulation, you were mistaken. But I'm happy to buy breakfast. You need all the financial help you can get.

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