You're coming out any day now and I want to apologize in advance if I screw you up. It won't be intentional, and intention matters. No one gets out of childhood without some kind of trauma. And that kind of damage, it makes people put up walls. Make bad choices. Do bad things. But, when I screw you up, There is a possibility for you to come back from it. But, you can't do it alone. If you wanna heal, seek out people, find safe harbor. And if you're hurt, by people who love you, you have to be open to being loved again. Find just a small handful of friends who you like and you trust and, and if you're really lucky, find someone who gets you and loves you and take shelter in them. And provide them with shelter, because there's a pretty good chance they're damaged too. You're gonna be okay. We'll be okay. We'll figure this out together. I'm a quick study. You can be anything you wanna be in this life. Well, any kind of lawyer you wanna be.


Joanna: Billy, what if there's a little David Hanley growing inside me?
Billy: It's not possible. You won't let that happen.

Joanna: You know, adding a hedge fund to our roster of clients isn't the worst idea.
Billy: You ran away from that life.
Joanna: Corporate law wasn't the problem. The corporate lawyer was.

Owen: You just couldn't let it go.
Taylor: I guess not. I figured that, bad people getting away with bad stuff? That doesn't have to be how the world works.
Owen: You ever thought of applying to police college? You're certainly smart. And relentless.
Taylor: I stole half a million dollars from my father.
Owen: Well, don't do that kind of thing again.

Diane: I need you to know why I had an affair.
Owen: It's none of my business.
Diane: Derek ignored me. Okay, he moved past me like I wasn't even there, and now you are pissed off and you are ignoring me and I cannot handle you pretending that I don't exist!
Owen: I'm not mad at you.
Diane: Well, you're pissed off about something!
Owen: I'm just ... I'm pissed that Sam Mercer is gonna walk free.
Diane: Then why are you taking it out on me?
Owen: I don't know!
Diane: Well, don't then!
Owen: I love you!
Diane: I love you too!

Kodie: When your baby comes, just forget all the books. We've been having babies since forever. Trust your instincts.
Joanna: I keep forgetting this has to come out.
Kodie: It's not that bad.
Joanna: You are such a liar.
Kodie: Okay, its kinda bad.

Things that happen in our past they inform our decisions, shape our biases. We're all just broken, little children.


Joanna: Your test has an objective and a subjective part. You get the data and you interpret it. You draw conclusions from observations. So is there really ever a sure?
Stone: Experience makes me sure. Twenty-five years.
Joanna: So it is just your opinion?
Stone: An expert opinion.

Joanna: We stay up until we figure it out.
Luna: Uh, no. You're sleeping for two now and you barely sleep enough for one as it is.
Joanna: I'm not tired.
Luna: I got this. Okay?

Joanna: Just what the world needs; another assassin. That's what my father called me, what he trained me to be.
Luna: You're not gonna do that.
Joanna: He really did a number on us, huh?
Luna: Yeah.
Joanna: You know what I can't figure out about doctor Stone?
Luna: Hmm. How he could be such a dick?
Joanna: Convincing those boys at Legacy Pines to run away from their parents. Creating a test, to steal kids. Why?
Luna: He wanted to play god.
Joanna: Why does someone wanna play god?
Luna: Control.
Joanna: And someone who desires control usually had it taken away, an event that left them helpless.
Luna: Childhood trauma. The gift that keeps on giving.

You're pregnant and you never talk about it, which is super weird. But I'm excited because I get to be an aunt.


Joanna: You can't find a heartbeat.
Doctor: Well, sometimes it takes a few seconds.
Joanna: It's been a few minutes.

Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Owen: How did you get in here?
Taylor: Oh. Well, I just told them I was your niece. That guy doesn't seem too sharp.

You've lost this one, Miss Chang. If you were expecting a last-second capitulation, you were mistaken. But I'm happy to buy breakfast. You need all the financial help you can get.

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