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This week’s episode opened with Michael and Sam creating documents to give to Jesse to tip him towards John Barrett as the person who he has been hunting.  Michael and Sam give Jesse the info and then Michael contacted Barrett to tell him they want to sell the bible, Barrett hung up saying he was not interested but Michael knew that he would be coming after it.

Fiona took a case for a friend from yoga named Emily who got hit by a sleazy con-man who took her life savings. Fiona and Sam go after the guy. The con man named Charles and is using his British accent to con grieving women out of their money.

Michael and Jesse setup a booby trap to catch the man that Barrett is sure to be sending after the bible. Meanwhile, Sam poses as Chuck Finley another grifter and Fiona was posing as his mark. Charles ended up being more careful than Fiona and Sam had thought he would and had to go through a few plans before they could get Emily’s money back.

The trap that Michael and Jesse set worked like a charm and they caught the man that was trying to steal the bible. After a bit of waiting, the man’s phone rung where Michael and Jesse answered it and told the man’s boss that they wanted Barrett to come to Miami and they were sending a sample of the pages back with the guy they caught.

Sam and Fiona drugged Charles and make him think he had killed Emily. Sam brought in Michael as a “dirty cop” who could clean the mess up, but it would cost a million dollars. Charles took all the money he had including the 30% that belonged to his money manager and paid Michael and Sam. Afterwards Sam told Charles why he was blacking out and not remembering things, he then put him out on the express way to be on the run from his money manager who now wanted him dead.

Barrett called Michael and said he was in Miami and he would be seeing him soon. Sam and Michael were going to meet Jesse at a bar. However, Jesse had found out that Michael was the one who burned him and was waiting at the loft where Fiona walked in and he had her at gun point. He told her that he knew everything was a lie and as she closed her eyes thinking he was going to shoot her, he left. Fiona called Michael and explained that Jesse knew everything and was going to make them pay.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Sam: I think it's time for some Chuck Finley action
Fiona: His name is Charles, you need a new cover id.
Sam: Sorry Fi, I don't think so, Chuck Finley is forever.

Fiona: So you and Jesse are poking Barrett with a stick. Why does the term "sitting ducks" come to mind?
Michael: Jesse and I are pretty well armed ducks.