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This week’s episode opened with Michael deciding that the list they recovered should go to the government and he asked Jesse to call Marv and set it up.

Sam went to help the wife of an old cop friend who was missing and presumed to have run off with drugs and money after killing some drug dealers. Sam promised her he would find out where he was. After doing some digging Sam found that his friend had been contacting another drug dealer who lived close to the area he disappeared from.

Sam recruited Jesse, Fiona, and Michael to help him. He wanted to talk to Ted the drug dealer that his friend had been contacting outside normal channels. After capturing Ted and questioning him, Ted admitted he had killed Sam’s friend because the police partner of Sam’s friend made him do it.

It turned out that that the partner of Sam’s friend was a dirty cop and had killed Sam’s friend Kevin to cover his tracks. Sam asked Michael and the gang to help him bring Kevin’s killer to justice and clear his name as it was all his wife had left.

Michael, Sam, Jesse, and Fiona take a few attempts but eventually get Kevin’s partner to try and hide the drugs he had stolen when he killed Kevin inside Kevin’s house where the police caught him red-handed.

Marv made the arrangements to get the thumb-drive with the list from Jesse and Michael and try and help them clear their name. When Michael and Jesse met him and gave him the drive the men guarding him who were suppose to be federal guards, shot Marv dead after getting the drive.

As the SUV with the men who shot Marv drove away Michael saw Brennan, a psychotic spy that Michael has dealt with in the past.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Michael, I hope you're never in a situation where your survival is dependent on your ability to understand relationships; you would be dead in seconds.


Either tell me where my friend is or find out what it feels like to be a casserole.