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This week’s episode opened with Jesse brooding over Marv’s death. Brennan blackmails Michael into helping him kill everyone on the list that Brennan stole from Michael last week by threatening to expose Michael’s actions to Vaughn. Brennan brought in Larry Sizemore (a.k.a Dead Larry) to keep an eye on Michael as he does his bidding.

Brennan told Michael and Larry they needed to kill one of the men on the list. Larry was all for it and they got their first target. Larry and Michael did recon and Michael suggested instead of killing the guy they kidnap him and ransom him to the Government.

While working out the details of the plan, Brennan moved up the time table to prevent Michael from having a chance to find out where he hid the list. What Brennan didn’t know was that Fiona, Jesse, and Sam had already figured out where it was.

Larry finding out that Michael knew where the list was killed Brennan and told Michael the two of them would take the list and kill everyone on it. When they go to the place the list was suppose to be the entire safe was gone as Jesse and Fiona had already been there. Sam kept Larry in room with a sniper rifle and Michael walked out.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Sam: What? Are you here to take a victory lap?
Brennan: A little bit, yeah.

Brennan: $122,654.37 that's how much I have spent in the last year keeping tabs on my favorite burned spy.
Michael: Thanks?
Brennan: No, I should be thanking you.