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This week’s episode opened with Michael waking up in the hospital three days after he was shot and Barrett died. While recovering at the hospital a bomb went off in South Beach killing Dale Lawson, the man Michael had just recovered a kidnapped child from.

Michael left the hospital early and went to speak to Adam Scott who had vowed to kill Dale Lawson, Scott said he had not done it but was glad it happened. Sam called in a favorite from a friend at the police station and got the info on a psycho killer named Dennis who had a record for using explosives.

Michael went to visit Dennis pretending to be a big fan of his work. He lured him outside and Sam found that he had made five bombs and the next one was suppose to go off that afternoon. Michael went back to Scott and made him give up the name of the next victim and told him he needed to call Dennis off.

While at the house of the next victim Michael got a call from Adam Scott’s cell phone and it is Dennis saying that he was not stopping and that he would kill anyone who tried, just as he had done with Adam Scott.

Sam and Michael found the bomb and the second victim’s house and dropped it sealed up in the swimming pool so they could use the detonator signal to track Dennis. They tracked Dennis to Fiona’s house. Michael went in just as the police arrived.

Michael convinced Dennis to give him the address of the other bombs and he would go out as his hostage and then set-off the other bombs. After Michael left the house, Fiona, Sam, and Jesse were discussing how dangerous Dennis was when Jesse decided to set-off the bomb he had with him to take care of him once and for all.

Afterwards Jesse caught Michael up on the whereabouts of the briefcase that had Simon’s bible and Barrett’s encrypted files, that one of the body-guards named Sweeney had taken it and they had tracked it to the house of a government paid cryptologist. When they go there they found Sweeney dead and the cryptologist nowhere to be found. 

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

72 hours after you vowed to see Dale Lawson dead, Dale Lawson is dead.


Michael: So I can count on you?
Jesse: That is a helluva question coming from you.