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This week’s episode opened with Michael and Sam breaking into a police station to get information on the man, Justin Walsh that has encrypted bible. Michael was able to get in and out without getting caught and got the info.

Jesse and Michael sifted through the emails and found that Walsh was getting ready to auction the bible. Fiona had Jesse come along on a potential job, they met a guy who said his sister was being held captive. When they scouted the place where the sister was suppose to be they found the security was way more than was needed for one girl. When Michael called the guy on what was going on a woman stepped out of the bushes and shot him.

The woman, Natalie knows Fiona and Michael from way back and shot the guy with Fiona’s gun. She threatened to give the gun to the police if they didn’t help her steal back a chemical weapon she had stolen for the men that they scouted earlier.

Meanwhile, Sam tricked Marv (Jesse’s previous handler) into coming to Miami where Jesse explained that he had help stop some very bad men last time he had given him info, and he needed him to do it again. Marv said he would try and find the info for Jesse.

Marv found out that the deal was going down in two weeks but you needed 5 million dollars in an escrow account just to get a seat at the table. The first plan for snatching the chemical weapon failed so Michael, Jesse, Fiona, and Natalie did a night assault to steal the weapon, and handed it off to Sam who was taking to the military base when he hit a bomb and Natalie double crossed them and stole the weapon.

Michael and the team were able to trick Natalie into thinking she had a fake canister and she led them to the real canister. After scaring off her buyers they handcuffed her to a rail and make her call 911 and turn herself in. Marv go Jesse the money for the auction.

Madeline with the help of Fiona got Michael and Jesse to sit down and told them to suck it up and deal with the issue. Because, if they didn’t one of them was going to get killed.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Can we do some recon that doesn't involve waving a gun around like a crazy person?


Michael: Time to go, Sam.
Sam: I ever tell you that you are the reason I drink Mikey?