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This second half of the season finale picked up with Jesse, Sam, Fiona, Michael, and Madeline on the run from Vaughn. As Michael, Jesse, and Fiona were attempting to hide the list when Vaughn’s men showed up and gave chase. Michael, Jesse, and Fiona ended the chase at an abandoned hotel where Vaughn surrounded them.

Sam and Madeline when to see their old friend Congressman Kelly who they believed could help with the list. Michael and company began working a plan to trip the emergency broadcast system to bring the cops. Michael made it to the roof and tripped the EBS but was being shot at as he left; using one of the henchmen as a counter weight he rappelled down the side of the building meeting back up with Fiona and Jesse.

Madeline got into see the Congressman and convinced him that the last time they met he looked like a hero and won his election by a landslide. The Congressman agreed and went outside to talk to Sam. Sam explained what was going on and the Congressman said he wanted to check his facts.

Michael, Jesse and Fiona were ecstatic to see the cops, fire trucks, and ambulances coming towards their location and got ready for them to arrive when they suddenly stopped and turned around. Vaughn contacted them on the radio and explained that one of the people that burned Michael was in Homeland Security and had explained to the local authorities that they were doing a training exercise.

Congressman Kelly walked back to Sam and said he needed to take his time on accepting this list, as Sam went to argue Kelly got a call from his driver saying there was now an APB out on him and the cops were looking for him. He and Sam left, now that he fully understood what was going on.

Michael, Fiona, and Jesse were out of options so Michael offered to sacrifice himself to let them get away. As Jesse and Fiona started to leave, Fiona said that she had to be with Michael for better or worse and ran to join him. Just as they were going to set off the bomb they had, Sam and the Marines showed up. Congressman Kelly had called in some favors.

As everyone was now ok two mysterious men showed up to take Michael somewhere. As he got out of the car it was snowy and cold, a man walked out that Michael recognized who greeted him with “welcome back” and we panned out to see Michael was in Washington DC.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Fiona: You're inviting him in?
Michael: He was coming in anyway.

Fiona: This maybe your war Michael, but we are all caught in the crossfire.
Michael: Fiona I...
Fiona: Save it Michael, you can apologize if we survive.