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The episode opened with Michael and Fiona on vacation somewhere in Costa Rica enjoying a game of tag on motorcycles. Michael is quickly called away for his very first assignment as a CIA Agent again. Sadly, the job is to babysit a French scientist who likes to get drunk, run his mouth, and cheat on his wife.

Jesse showed up shortly after Michael gets his assignment to ask for his help, Michael was resistant at first, but after Jesse explained that 20 young women were going to die he said he would help as much as he could. 

The job turned out to be that young women from small villages in Japan were being traded in a human trafficking ring. Sam, Fiona and Jesse tracked down one of the Yakuza men who were involved but he was wounded in the chase and refused to talk.

Michael came in posing as their boss and Madeline came in posing as a nurse they snatched off the street to stitch the guy back up. It turned out that Madeline was able to play the guy by pretending to get him free and he told her (and in turn Michael) where the women were being held. 

After the girls were safe Michael had a meeting with Max where he got scolded for letting Fiona help on the assignment while Michael was saving the girls.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Hey if your firm wants to loan us any more of its fancy toys; no complaints here.


Realtor: Don't worry; a lot of men don't really focus until it is time to negotiate.
Fiona: Well that man doesn't focus unless an international conspiracy is threating to ruin his life.