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The episode opened with Michael getting his very own mission to run from Pearce. While Michael is leading his mission with his new team to grab a spy recruiter named Reed. Fiona and Sam went to check out a warehouse that Anson owned that might have the evidence to clear Fiona. 


Fiona and Sam broke into Anson’s warehouse and found a kid name Jake guarding the ammo, when they attempted to take Jake and the ammo to the police a tracking device in the ammo made it blow up barely missing Fiona and Sam.


Anson told Michael the last thing he had to do for him was to plant a chip in Pearce’s computer and it would insert some documents making his new team and Pearce look dirty. Fiona said he shouldn’t do it, but Michael said he could fix it afterwards. 


As Michael’s mission was about to go down, he figured out that one of the agents was working for Anson and was going to blow up Jesse and the target of the mission, making the team take the fall. While he stopped the agent and completed the mission he could not stop Fiona from turning herself in to remove any Blackmail materials from Anson.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

If Anson doesn't back off then I'm ending this one way or another.


Michael: You lied to me
Anson: I told you what you needed to hear.
Michael: One way or another, this is over, I'll see you in hell.