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The episode opened with Michael and Fiona looking into the information they found on Anson. After determining they would not be able to break into the relay Anson was using to transfer information, they instead broke into the agency he was piggy-backing on and got information about his recent calls from the network he used.

Pearce had a job for Michael to run using Sam and Jesse. The mission was to stop a rogue scientist who was helping a terrorist build a missile. Sam and Jesse went in undercover and found the scientist was not rogue, but was being held hostage. 

Jesse and Sam worked out a way to get the terrorist to move an electric fence allowing them access to guns that Fiona and Mike planted when they convinced him one of his men might be against him and advised leaving through the fence.

Meanwhile Fiona and Michael had figured out that Madeline’s new boyfriend Benny was spying on them for Anson. Madeline didn't believe them at first but after finding pictures of them he took she planted a bug. 

On the bug Michael and Madeline her him talking to Anson and that he had gotten a package from Anson, before Michael could get to him, he opened the package and the house exploded.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Jesse: So they want you to go in?
Michael: Not me, you guys.
Jesse: Ok, kind of buried the lead there Michael.

Fiona: Michael, you already destroyed CIA records; how far are you willing to go for this?
Michael: All the way.