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The episode opened with Max and Michael at a charity auction where Michael had to plant a tracking device on a thief.

Afterwards Michael and Fiona were working on the Charger when Barry and his brother Paul stopped by because Paul needed help.  Paul had a server stolen from his work and they used his codes to get in and get it.

Jesse tracked down the guy who stole the server and with Fiona and Sam’s help made him give up the name of the woman who hired him, a hacker named Eve. Michael posed as a thief wanting to hire her to for her services.

When all other plans to find her failed, Michael asked Max to help him track down Eve’s location; Max agreed as long as Michael was going to confront her. Michael agreed. Fiona, Sam and Jesse broke into her place but the server wasn’t there. They did find her phone records.

Using the phone records, they figured out how to approach her for a second Job. When Michael met up with her for the second job she drugged him and nearly killed him until he gave up the name of who he was working for.

Michael put the blame on the same guy Eve was already working for making it appear he was trying to double cross her, as she was leaving and going to kill them, Fiona blew up her car and Michael go the upper hand.

Michael went to the CIA office to let Max know what happened and when he arrived, Max was dying on the floor and someone escaped, appearing to setup up Michael for Max’s death.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You make it look to easy, Michael.


Michael: I get the feeling that you didn't call me in for a high-five
Max: You know no good deed goes unpunished.