Philo On a Bunring Row - Carnival Row
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Darius wants Philo to continue to help Tourmaline, but Philo wants to leave to stop Major Vir, AKA the Sparas, from attacking parliament.

Tourmaline dismisses Darius, even though he wants to stay and help her.

Leonora wants to sacrifice most of the Row to kill the army, but Vignette wants a different plan.

Philo tries to get to parliament, but Thatch stops him and strings him on a lamppost.

Someone cuts him down.

Imogen doesn't like the speech and sees Castor staring at Major Vir, and she seems to put things together.

Imogen fakes passing out to warn Millworthy about Major Vir, but he doesn't believe her.

Millworthy accuses Major Vir of working for them before the parliament meeting, and Major Vir semi-defends himself.

He talks his way out of the accusations.

Agreus starts attacking his captors.

Dombey stands up for the Critch, but only for so long. He opens the gate so the other humans and police can attack the fae.

They attack the Row, killing every Fae in sight while removing their wings/horns first.

Vignette and Kaine show themselves to lead the police to where the planned trap is located.

Philo tells Millworthy that Major Vir is the Sparas, with Millworthy thinking that he's just New Dawn.

Major Vir kills one of the Pact leaders in the room Philo, Imogen, Castor and Millworthy are in.

The Major transforms into the Sparas.

Philo manages to get some members of Parliament out and safe before the Sparas attacks.

Tourmaline starts controlling the Sparas through her vision to save Philo's life.

Tourmaline knows that this may have ended her life.

Vignette wants to go save Tourmaline, but Kaine tries to stop her.

Kaine gets shot in the back while Vignette tries to leave.

Leonora shoots at Vignette, which prompts the other fae to start shooting.

Vignette gets away, but the Sparas has already reached Tourmaline's place.

Tourmaline faces the Sparas head-on, and Darius comes in fully transformed to attack.

Darius gets thrown out of the house, seemingly dead, and Tourmaline casts another spell to try and control the Sparas.

Vignette comes in at just the right time with a torch and burns the creature.

The creature fights back, which is when Philo arrives.

While wrapped up in its wings, Philo shoots the Sparas and kills it.

Darius transforms back into a human, and bleeds to death.

He and Philo share a moment, with Tourmaline comforting Darius as well.

Darius dies.

Agreus escaped and almost killed Leonora but turned her over to the police instead.

Before anyone can get to her, she kills herself.

Thatch shoots Philo in the back, prompting Dombey to shoot Thatch in the head.

Flashforward to many moons later, and Millworthy tells the Row story through a puppet show.

Philo limps into Parliment, alive but using a cane.

Philo makes a speech to Parlament, declining to be chancellor while calling them out in their stuck-up ways.

Imogen helps Agreus with his horn, and they start a business together. They invent electricity.

Vignette and Tourmaline get married in Tirnanoc.

Philo returns to a peaceful Row, where he encounters Dombey.

They share a peaceful interaction.

Millworthy and Philo have a peaceful interaction as well.

Millworthy asks what Philo's next step will be.

Philo doesn't know, and the scene cuts.

Carnival Row
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