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An explosion during a protest leads to Beckett and Castle recreating the timeline that led up to this tragedy.

  • A bomb explodes at a Wall Street Protest, killing 5 people.
  • Using advanced technology from the feds, the detectives trace GPS from cell phones who were in the vicinity.
  • The explosion was caught on live news from a newscaster.
  • A cell phone picture shows the location of the bomb 47 seconds prior with nothing there. The detectives break down the 47 second to find the bomber.
  • One of the victims who was heavily involved in the cause built a bomb that was meant to just bring attention, not to hurt anyone. The newscaster was his partner, setting off the bomb and hoping to get noticed by her network.
  • While interrogating a suspect, Beckett says she remembers every second of the day she got shot. Castle overhears and is now angry that she has lied to him.
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Castle Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Most of our victims die for a reason.


There is nothing normal about this.


Castle Season 4 Episode 19 Music

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Ludwig van beethoven symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 first moveme Symphony No. 5 In C Minor Op. 67 - First Movement Ludwig van Beethoven iTunes
Song Bomb Attack Kim Planert