Talking in the Rain - Chance
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D becomes suspicious when a woman with a hidden gun comes to visit the antique store.

Chance was summoned by Winter for a visit to his house. Lyndsay defends Winter and blames Chance for the change in his behavior. Winter is obviously distressed after confronting the truth about his mother - Chance reminds him that he lived.

Detective Hynes goes to visit his old precinct digging around about the bodies they found. He fights with his colleague Sid who claims Hynes is obsessed with Winter.

Chance hires Nicole to do administrative work at a conference where victims of violence are speaking. Nicole eyeballs a casual touch between Chance and Dr. Clayton.

Lucy is A-Okay at the conference after being missing in the office that morning. She has a note card from Winter about their date the night before. She gives Chance the foster records of Matthew Webbs (aka Winter).

Hynes and D wait for Chance at the workshop. They bond over war history and and memorabilia. D asks Hynes to run the plate of the woman he saw in the store.

Winter follows Lucy to an exercise class and watches her. He's also intrigued by the young mom sitting near him. He notes Lucy's daily routine in his phone.

Hynes, D, and Chance find a cold case of a 13 year old boy named Stevie who was killed -- they believe it to be Winter's first victim and the beginning of his violence.

Hynes tells D that the plate he gave him was registered to a Private Investigation company. He meets with a police detective who was a kid around the time Stevie was murdered. Hynes finds out that there is DNA from under Stevie's fingernails on file.

Nicole listens to a victim's speech at the conference, and asks Lucy about how the Victim's Unit helps them.

D invited himself to stay at Chance's apartment because the workshop has been compromised - the PI was hired by his father to find him. 

A security guard at the office shows Dr. Clayton footage of Chance getting punched by Wade Pardo.

Hynes meets with a friend - lawyer - at a bar to talk about Winter. He tells Hynes that Winter's people (Lyndsay) are saying that Hynes is harassing him and broke into his home. Hynes makes his friend promise to prosecute Winter if he can find evidence that he's killed.

D has lunch with Lorena and she brings him a comb with Winter's hair on it, which they can use to match the DNA against what was found on Stevie's body. She tells D she is having a boy and shows him a sonogram picture. She is hiding from her baby daddy to protect her son from the gang.

Hynes asks a friend at the lab to run the DNA samples against each other.

D ambushes the PI woman at her office and asks for information. She confirms that she was sent to spy on him by his father. Suggests he goes back into hiding.

Chance can't get ahold of Winter and leaves the office in a tizzy, almost getting into an accident in the parking lot. He almost gets violent with the other driver before thinking better of it.

Dr. Clayton casually brings up Chance's attack to Nicole, trying to see how he is and get information. Nicole plays it cool despite not knowing the details.

Chance, D, and Nicole have dinner. Nicole mentions her chat with Dr. Clayton. When her dad leaves the room, Nicole asks D to teach her how to defend herself. D refuses because he made a promise to Chance.

Hynes meets with his boss about the harassment complains from Winter. He agrees to quietly leave his job instead of being fired.

Chance calls D out for his lack of action recently, suggests that his dad is the feeder, and D is the receiver. 

Clayton brings up the security footage to Chance and he apologizes for not telling her sooner, claiming he got distracted by the news of Josefa's death.

Hynes goes to lab and finds out that Winter's DNA does not match the DNA from Stevie's body. He freaks out and breaks things.

D sneaks into his dad's home while he's sleeping and approaches him with a knife.

Lucy is walking alone at night, Winter is following in the dark with a Knife. Winter attacks and slits her throat -- it's quickly revealed that he it's not Lucy but the woman from the park.

Hynes tells Chance about the DNA and getting fired. They hype themselves up about blowing the case wide open somehow and soon.

Winter calls Chance is a state of panic. Chance goes to him and Winter tells him that his coping mechanism hasn't been working. He admits that he hurts people, "so bad... that they died."

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Chance Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Chance: I really appreciate this.
Lucy: Which I'm sure will be reflected in the gift you decide to give me.

Dr. Clayton: I've heard great things about you.
Nicole: Like that I broke somebody's nose with the complete works of William Shakespeare?