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Chance tries to warn Dr. Clayton about accepting money from Winter for the victims unit. She is not receptive.

D stalks Lorena at the grocery store and gives her vitamins for her baby, Lorena declines them but says he can take her to lunch.

Christina reveals to Chance that Nicole might be expelled from school for hitting Pepper, and Pepper's parents are pressing assault charges. She worries that her and Chance are responsible for Nicole's actions.

Hynes reveals to Chance that Winter's story about the boy and the train is true. The woman, Amy Debbs, is alive and live in a psychiatric hospital. Chance wants to talk to her, believes that she is Winter's mother and that Winter was the boy in the story.

Lucy runs into Winter in a coffee shop and seems interested in him. He invites her to a tech conference, seems more intrigued with her after he discovers she's a mother.

Chance goes to see Pepper and her parents in the hospital, wants to discuss things civilly, the dad tells him to get lost. Very agressive.

Chance and his assistant Lyndsay meet at his house. She is gung-ho about going after Hynes for the break in. Winter is not convinced.

Chance goes to see D at the store. Carl is outside arguing with another man. Chance yells at D for influencing Nicole to be violent with her bully.

Chance and Hynes go to see Amy Debbs and she reveals that she tried to kill her son because the Lord told her to. She reiterates the train story.

Hynes tells Chance how Winter is his "princess and the pea" that he can't get out of his head. Explains how Travis showed him a glimpse of happiness.

D and Lorena go to Lunch. He asks about her tattoo and past gang affiliation, she tells him about Winter's habits at home.

Lucy shows Chance the new computers that Winter bought for the unit. Chance invites Winter to have a one-on-one session near the beach. It turns out Winter is spying on Chance through the webcam on his computer.

Carl asks D to bring him money at a bar.

Chance takes Winter to the beach where the tide comes in and they have to swim to safety. Winter nearly drowns and Chance saves him. This seem intentional on Chance's part.

Carl reveals to D and Lorena that the man he was arguing with was his son. His family disowned him when he came out, but now they are asking for money to care for his son's mother.

Chance talks to Winter about his near death experience. Winter says he wouldn't have saved Chance if the roles were reversed. Chance reveals that he knows Winter is the boy from the train story.

Lyndsay informs Winter than she filed a report about Hyne's breaking in to his house. Winter gets angry and hits her. 

Chance goes to dinner with Nicole and reveals the secrets of his stalking past. She is angry that he didn't explain their similarities to her earlier. 

Hynes scolds Chance for his swimming expedition with Winter, saying it was too risky. They see on television that more bodies have been dug up by authorities - presumably these are people that Winter has killed.

Winter takes Lucy on a date and she says they have to keep it on the down low.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Winter: You know, I'm actually speaking at a thing... that you might like. It's a conference on mixed reality.
Lucy: Oh! Um, yeah. Uh... It's just with work and my kid, it's a little hard to get away for last-minute stuff.
Winter: You're a mom.
Lucy: Yeah, the single kind.

Lorena: You ever kill anybody?
D: Nobody anyone would miss.