This Doesn't Look Good - Chance
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Chance sees Josefa's husband Ronny at her crime scene, tells him he knows he didn't commit the murder. 

Chance is questioned by detectives about Josefa's murder -- he insinuates that he has another patient who might have done it, but the police are stuck on nailing the husband.

Hynes follows Chance and is led to the antique store where Chance is meeting with D and Carl. He hints at comparing the arsenal of weapons there to the coroner's report from Blackstone's death. D and Hynes butt heads but eventually the four of them very cautiously decide to work together against their common enemy. Hynes is going to get a good public defender to help Ronny.

Hynes, D, and Chance go to talk to a group of guys to corroborate Ronny's alibi. On the way D and Hynes almost get in a fight, before Chance breaks it up. D is upset that Chance let Hynes find "his place" and now they have to deal with him.

Winter goes to see Chance at his office where Chance explains that Josefa was murdered. Winter has scratches on his neck. Chance then relays an observation to D that Winter does not like change in routine and they can use that to get under his skin.

Chance meets with Winter to go over his brain scans and discusses his lack of impulse control and lack of empathy. He says that it is not the result of the attack, but rather the brain he was born with. Winter seems to like the idea that he can blame his brain for his actions rather than taking responsibility for them.

D hides in the trunk of the car of Winter's housekeeper so he can get through the gate and into the house. D moves around all of Winter's things to disturb him, and steals a rock that was on display. The housekeeper sees D in the house, has a surprisingly calm reaction. D opens a jar for her and then leaves quietly.

Chance goes to the office where Dr. Clayton is meeting with detectives about the work that Chance did with Josefa. The detectives reveal to Chance that Ronny's alibi didn't check out and they will be prosecuting him for the murder of his wife.

Nicole goes to lunch with her friend and discovers that it was her that told everyone about the stalking incident. She explodes at the girl and then leaves.

Winter is extremely upset by the things moved in his home and calls Chance in a tizzy. Chance goes to his house where Winter tells him that he believes Hynes is the one who broke into his home and the one who attacked him. He tells Chance a story about seeing a young boy pushed in front of a train when he was a kid, and then sobs on Chance's shoulder.

Nicole goes to the antique store to find her dad and comes across D beating up a dummy. She reveals what's bothering her and D gives her a pep talk about standing up for herself and explains how anything can be used as a weapon.

Chance talks to Hynes about his meeting with Winter and says that he thinks maybe Winter shouldn't be put in jail, but rather a mental institution, showing that he still has empathy for people with issues.

D is watching Winter's house and the housekeeper approaches him. She doesn't want him to disturb Winter anymore so that she doesn't lose her job -- she is heavily pregnant. She gives D a sandwich. D asks why she didn't scream when she saw him in the house and she says that he isn't scary.

Chance goes to the office and Lucy reveals to him that Winter has donated 1 million dollars to the victim unit in Josefa's name.

Nicole sees her ex-friend in the library and hits her in the face with a heavy book, before saying "thank you" like D taught her.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Carl: So, what now?
D: How about now, Winter goes away?
Hynes: Meaning what, exactly?
D: Meaning someone stabs him in the fuckin' eye.

You ever have one of those moments where suddenly everything makes sense?