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April's article was a big hit and the paper is gearing more towards lifestyle stories and April and Dom have been paired together to work on an article. The two of them have several awkward conversations, but manage to get the job done. 

Sara and George make the decision to part ways after Sara organizes a farewell dinner for him and flirts with the chef. 

Natalie and April continue to make friends and Natalie decides to stay in Boston for the moment. A bartender takes a shine to her and she gets a job and moves in with him. 

Beth must find a new room mate to make sure she has enough for the apartment. Natalie moves in and she and Beth immediately hit it off. 

Natalie must try to break it off with the bartender, but when Dominic appears she asks him to be her fake boyfriend from Florida. He happily obliges, but the two of them look set for a more serious relationship. A shocked Beth walks in to the bar as they kiss each other. 

Leo and April have their first date in the swimming pool. Leo has a nurse staying at the house to make sure he recovers. 

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

George: You deserve to be happy.
Sara: We both do.

April: I have to tell you something.
Leo: Pete is going to join us for the bubble bath?
April: I wish.