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Natalie goes to get tested to find out if she can donate to April, but upon hearing about the surgery she will have to go through, she chickens out.

Natalie then shows up at Brenna's work and asks her to spend time with her. Brenna agrees to and they both go out drinking before a family dinner. When they return home, sparks fly when Sara realizes Brenna is drunk and blames Natalie. Sara makes a rude comment to Olivia, who lets rip about her affair with her husband.

April goes to see Natalie and informs her regardless of what happens, they are sisters.

Leo takes April's name off of his visitor list, prompting her to sneak in and pull him up. He tells her he is a different person to the one she knew before surgery. She refuses to believe this.

April's boss makes her do a cancer story as he needs a female audience for the paper.

Emma argues with George about his relationship with his brothers wife. He then asks Sara if they're doing the right thing. She says it's not the right time to tell the girls. George is not happy with this and gets his job back.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

There's an obstacle to your relationship and it's not going away any time soon - her dead husband your dead brother.


That was then and this new version of me doesn't feel like being friends. With anyone.