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Before the start of her treatment, April spends the day joy riding with Leo. 

April is on the ground, a paramedic asking her name. Yesterday... April is sleeping at Dominic's and he's talking to her about the truth, but he still doesn't know it.

Sara wants to be there for April like the many times April has been there for her mom. April finally breaks down in her mom's arms; she doesn't want to die.

Beth decides to start making clothes due to the inspiration from Pretty in Pink.

Greer invites Brenna and her friend to a party at her country home to save the bay.

Leo walks in just as April is sharing her feelings at group.

When April and Sara visit George, Sara doens't want him to tell April about possibly fertility issues after treatment.

Sara says George would never understand since he never had children; he made "other choices" as they both know.

Brenna brings out jealousy in Kieran.

Raquel is still a total bitch and upset when the Hendrie's personally request her for an interview.

Dominic takes April to a food crawl, unaware that she can't eat. She eats and later vomits all night.

Graham decides April must be pregnant.

Sara decides against sharing the "major" information she learned from George with April. Instead, she hold a meditation session.

At the Hendrie spot, he's talking about affordable healthcare, which seems a bit odd given Obamacare, but nonetheless Leo jumps into frame as Hendrie's "personal investment" and says he's the sick kid with cancer, available for weddings and parties. When Leo was first diagnosed, Hendrie was on a golfing trip and didn't even come home for another three days. Leo informs his dad he pays for his treatment with cash and doesn't know the difference between medicaid and medicare.

Brenna pulls away from Kieran while kissing and he asks if they should define themselves. She's not ready.

Hendrie cuts the interview short. Leo gives April a drink he knows she can stomach because she needs the calories. When he's requested to go on camera again, he suggested they create him with CGI.

Leo used to live in Paris and work in a bakery. He went on the roof every night and loved his life. Then he got sick. He's the one who tells her chemo can cause infertility.

Leo dares April to hop on his motorcycle with him. They head to a car show. They take a car for a test drive and Leo loves driving fast, scaring April to death. Then she gets in the driver's seat and gives him a treat.

Brenna has chaned and is no longer interested in her friend and her strange behavior. The friend borrows Brenna's phone and when Kieran texts, she invites Kieran to the party.

Leo puts a positive spin on everything, including not passing on their defective DNA to their children.

The police pull up. The car has been reported stolen. Leo has a siezure on the side of the road after kissing her, and that's where we pick up with the opening shot. At the hospital, April learns Leo has maybe three or four months to live.

Greer shares with Brenna her experience with her grandmother when she died.

Kieran shows up and ruins their moment.

Bruce and Mrs. Hendrie (Mary Beth Evans!) show up at the hospital. Hendrie breaks when he notes that he just learned Leo was terminal and the thought of losing him is unbearable.

April finds Leo on the roof considering jumping. Or so she thinks. He is tricking her.

Kieran takes Brenna into Greer's room and Greer finds them, demanding they leave. Moments later Streak comes in, wearing a wedding gown and drinking a bottle of champagne. She's ready to vomit.

Sara goes overboard. She's taken away April's food and even her mattress, as well as her rug, books and covers everything in plastic in an attempt to make the environment sterile. April has made an appointment for a fertility doctor and when she shares with Sara, she learns mom knew about it but didn't tell her.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

It's liberating. I don't have to worry about what my life is going to be like down the line; there is no down the line for me!


I mean I love food, I always have. But not being able to find pleasure in something I love so much is just really sad. It's like everything that makes my life full is just starting to slip away.