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April and Dominic visit a psychic and end up sharing family secrets. George gives April an official diagnosis. 

April and Dominic visit a psychic.

The psychic tells April if she wants to have a healthy future, she needs to dig into her past. Talk to her sisters. It's crucial.

April falls asleep in the kitchen, dreaming of her dad. Brenna freaks out. April doesn't want to worry mom, but she's worried nonetheless.

Sara starts rummaging through April's drawers. She finds Fifty Shades of Grey and a bag of pills under her mattress.

Dominic decides to talk with April about his family. His mother is in prison. April thinks he's joking. He's not. April decides to show him her baggage. She decides to tell him about her secret sister.

Greet catches up with Brenna but Brenna isn't kind to her.

Natalie Ortiz lives in Key Largo on the same street as her dad's writing retreat. She's two years younger than April so he would have cheated on her mother. They head to a storage shed to look through dad's things. They find a photo of her dad with Natalie and Uncle George.

Brenna is upset at work. She shares April's cancer secret with Kieran before Beth comes and invites them to a movie -- Pretty in Pink.

Sara is at April's office. She shows her the pills. April says they're supplements to help her keep going. When Sara asks her to prove it and stop taking them, April says she doesn't understand.

At the movie, Greer comes by and Beth asks her to join them.

April talks to George about Natalie.

When Sara doesn't get answers from April, she goes to George. He tells her April has been coming to her for advice.

Beth and Brenna talk about Greer. Brenna doesn't define herself, but they're from different worlds.

When Brenna first saw April doing poorly, she was glad because April is so perfect.

Sara calls a family meeting to talk to April. As Sara says it's an intervention, George tells her it's time to tell them.

Sara is shocked at the news and upset she was dealing with it alone.

Emma tells April there's no damn way she's letting her die before she does.

Sara is the one who barred George from the funeral and has held a grudge for years.

April goes to Dominic's in tears. He thinks it's about the sister.

Chasing Life
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