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April struggles with how to tell Dominic about her illness as Dominic gets an unexpected offer. 

April and Beth are at the fertility clinic, finishing out a questionnaire about relationships. They pretend they are having a child together to make it more pleasant in the waiting room. Harvesting her egg costs about $5000

April asks Leo for his blessing writing a story about a charity his father is involved with. Leo hopes it makes her as happy as she thinks it will because if not, what then?

At work, nobody seems to have any good stories.

Dominic is offered the opportunity to go out on the road with Daft Punk to do an expose during their world tour. It would be a four month gig starting tomorrow.

Raquel hates April's first draft. April fixes it in an hour. Raquel's sitting on a ball in her office and April says she's read they're not good for you and she wouldn't want her to hurt her back.

Danny and April adlib the conversation they think is happening between Raquel and Lawrence.

Lawrence delivers the good news to April. She gets her first byline.

April was going to tell Dominic about her cancer but won't because she doesn't want it to influence his opportunity. Beth says she's crazy.

April gets a text that her article is being pulled.

Sara is reading a lot of cancer books and the Steve Jobs biography. Yes, they are all about cancer.

April gets to work and it's a surprise party!!

George takes Sara to a cancer givers mixer at the hospital.

Dominic talks about Leo about April. He's trying to sort out whether or not to take the job.

Sara tries talking to someone at the mixer and he just walks away from her.

During a game of "never have I ever" April finds out Brenna is interested in the same sex and Leo is attracted to someone in the room.

Lawrence tells April he's removing the middle man and no more Raquel.

April tells Lawrence she''s going to need some time off for a medical reason.

George discovers the mixer is for people not to talk about cancer since they do all the time. Whoops.

Brenna finds the picture of Natalie.

Brenna goes there with Greer.

Beth hooks up with Graham.

Someone paid for April's fertility treatment.


Chasing Life
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