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April is given the news she has been dreading - her cancer has returned. Without a donor, she has two to six weeks to live. She agrees to go in the hospital for another month to save her life. 

Natalie is unsure whether to approach April, or just leave April to contact her. April goes to see her and they make it up. Natalie tells April that her marrow is hers. 

The paper is having cut backs because of falling sales and everyone is being assessed based on what they have done for the company. 

April wants to keep her job, but she admits to Raquel that she will be going into hospital for treatment the next day. Raquel says she will be given a decision the following day about her future. 

Raquel shows up at April's and says that it is between her and Danny, but April wins because April will be saved by default, because of her illness, which means Danny will be fired. April makes a life changing decision and quits her job to allow Danny to keep his. 

April is upset with Dr Hamburg because she ran to her when she thought the cancer was back, but she said she was ok. Hamburg gives her a sledgehammer and lets her take her anger out on a wall which is set to be demolished.

Leo asks April to marry her and she says yes!

Chasing Life
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