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April has a dream that finds her running her own paper, with Raquel below her in the ranks and Dominic as her love interest. She wakes up in hospital just a few hours after getting engaged to Dom. 

A month passes and she leaves the hospital to return home, to her former life, but she is a changed woman and now knows that time isn't on her side. 

Her family are skeptical about the wedding plans and think that the only reason they are getting married is because April's change of outlook in life because of her cancer. 

Brenna is still with Greer, but Greer is still a long way away from home and a new girl in school is fighting for Brenna's affection, but Brenna is not interested in her at all and tries to steer clear of her, using a college girl to help her. 

Natalie quickly realizes that Dom has feeling for April and confronts him. He doesn't hesitate at all and she asks him to leave. He goes and she is left wondering why he doesn't like her. She goes through some of her father's belongings and finds a manuscript for a novel he wrote before he died...about him dying. 

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Leo: Morning sunshine. How you feeling.
April: I'm enjoying this chemo way more than the last batch.

Dom: I knocked.
Leo: Hey dimples.
Dom: Leo.

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