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Natalie and Dominic decide to call it quits. 

April and Beth go to Bermuda and April takes her engagement ring off when guys try to steer clear of her. Beth has an important conference call and she over sleeps for it and blames April. The two friends have a massive argument and it leads to Beth leaving Bermuda in order to keep her job. The two make up in the end and return to being BFFs.

Sara realizes that money is becoming a concern because of April not working and Brenna's school fees adding up. Matters get worse when Sara thinks Brenna wants to swap to another school. Emma tries to help Sara, but when she tells Sara to use Brenna's college fund for school, it looks like it could be a possibility. 

Danny and Dom go out on the pull and find two nice girls. Dom is shocked when his chick drops him in the morning because that's normally what he would do. Dom decides that he doesn't want to be like that anymore and says that he actually wants to get to know girls now. 

April finds a new treatment that could help her makes it known that she wants it.


Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Dominic: It's complicated.
Natalie: Not for me.

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We watched a foreign film - Guardians of the Galaxy.