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Dawson and Mills face new challenges to their relationship.

Casey and Hallie continue their relationship.

Mills asks Dawson to move in with him.

Severide continues to deal with the woman and the harassment charges.

It turns out Tara is a pro in suing and filing false charges against men.

Boden goes to Hermann's for dinner.

Kelly finds his Ace against Tara Little.

Boden meets a 12 year old girl who was dropped off at the firehouse at birth.

Tara recants her statement and quits her job.

Dawson tells Mills about Boden and his mom. He doesn't react well to the news.

Hallie's clinic is on fire. She does not survive.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Shay: So you love him because you choose to?
Dawson: No. Because I do.

I remembered a lot of things I wanted to reclaim for myself when I returned.