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Casey gets his 15 minutes of fame after he goes viral for saving the young teenage boy. 

He is later visited by Griffin Darden at Firehouse 51, and Griffin asks for Casey's help.

Brett and Herrmann break protocol to save a young boy's life.

Brett is about to get in trouble with the new paramedic field chief when Herrmann decides to take the blame.

Boden has to write up Herrmann, which could mean a black mark on his record.

Herrmann is OK with it.

Brett wants to present her idea for paramedicine and goes to Boden. Boden tells her she needs approval from the new paramedic field chief.

Mouch starts a free mini library, which ends up burning down. He put "Sheets on Fire" in the free mini library.

Cruz keeps claiming he's fine after his near-death experience, but he has a panic attack on a call and passes on going over the ledge with Severide on another.

Kidd tells Severide to check on Cruz, but he reiterates that he's OK.

Boden packs up his office and gets ready to leave 51.


Chicago Fire
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