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Herrmann tries to lift Cindy's spirits by inviting her out, but she isn't feeling too confident.

Chief Boden offers Cruz the job of acting lieutenant in Kelly's absence. Cruz's position is filled in by a new floater who is an absolute joker.

Truck responds to an emergency where a stray bullet has shot a kid. Attempts to get him out safely fail when rival gangs start a war in the building.

Carver is affected by the situation seeing how much Tyler and his mom are scared.

The police arrive, and the team is able to get out. In the ambulance, Violet finds the bullet lodged in his knows and pulls it out.

The team return back to the house and discuss how wild the case was.

Cruz tries to stay afloat with the added responsibilities.

He and Stella talk about Kelly's absence and how it affected them.

Herrmann enlists Mouch's help to convince Trudy to help get Cindy out of the house.

Trudy talks to Cindy.

Carver struggles with letting go of Tyler's case.

A school coach drives into the firehouse with a student trapped inside a suffocating mascot costume. Gallo and the coach hit it off.

Chief Boden asks for Stella's opinion on keeping Cruz on as the liuetenant.

Carver sells his car.

Cruz is overwhelmed by the responsibilities and nearly quits before Stella talks to him and motivates him.

Carver gives the money from the car sale to Tyler's mom and asks them to move out of the neighborhood.

Trudy and Cindy show up at Molly's with Cindy all dressed up.

Chicago Fire
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