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Casey and Dawson wake up together after their night of passion, and Casey reiterates his feelings for her. He doesn’t want to ruin his second chance. Casey and Dawson continue having passionate meetings in the ambulance and the shower.

Joe continues worrying about Leon’s safety now that’s back in the gang, and pesters Antonio for information. During a ride along, they finally get the information they need, but a shooter tears through the car. Cruz runs out to save his brother and blows his cover in the process. Because of this, Leon has to move in with their uncle faraway.

Severide continues being a big brother to Katie. Showing up at her graduation when the rest of her family doesn’t, and throws her a party at Molly’s. Shay doesn’t show up to shift, and after Kelly lays into her about being her friend. Dawson and Casey spend all night looking for her. They rekindle their friendship.

Antonio tells Mills he hit the lottery. His name came up to fill an open PD position.

Otis tells Severide he needs to find his own space.

The house goes out on a call to save a man caught in a trash compactor. They need to work quickly to save him, but the way it is positioned does not allow them to get to usual override safety controls. Forcing them to use brute force to get into it. Hermann saves Clarke after the hydraulics blow the door off.

Gail uses the trash compactor liability to her advantage, and gets the state to agree to shut down Firehouse 51 because of it.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

My old roommate, I annoyed him so much he actually punched me in the face.


You see Mouch, when a man and a woman share a delightful hug…