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The men Jeff’s wife owes money too come into Molly’s hoping to collect. They make some rude comments, but Severide and Hermann calm Jeff down and tell the men to leave.

Dawson and Casey realize with 51 shutting down they no longer need to hide their relationship, and decide to tell them their relationship at the end of the shift.

Joe talks to Otis about Zoya and wonders why she left town so suddenly. The community shows up to ask questions about the 51’s closing. Casey and Severide discuss what their options are, and the house decides to use their last shift to win back the house.

Nathan, the boy Kelly saves while out on a run, is outside the firehouse after a call collecting signatures to save the 51. Mouch sees on the news that Greg Sullivan is embezzling union money to fund a lavish lifestyle. Hermann tells Mouch this is his chance.

Casey gets on the phone with Dawson’s brother to see if he has anything on Gail, and Dawson gets a letter from of acceptance to be a firefighter. Mouch heads to the union’s headquarters and makes an impassioned speech. The union gives Mouch information on Gail. She’s not required to close another house, but she does get a bonus of $200,000 if she does.

Joe talks about his troubles with Zoya to Jeff, and Jeff mentions things are messy with Lisa’s ex.

Dawson talks to Casey about her acceptance; Casey mentions that she should talk to other female firefighters to make an informed opinion since she tends to leap before looking.

Gail makes a visit informing Boden that his men are not to take any souvenir or anything else at the end of the shift. During their discussion the community comes rallying to 51’s door in protest of the closing. Senator Wheeler summons McLeod and Boden to his office. Isabella lays it out plainly to Gail that she will not be closing any more houses unless she wants microphones asking her why a big chunk of the money saved is going directly to her bank account.

During a building fire, Casey rescues a baby girl as the fire rages even harder. As Casey reaches the bottom floor a beam falls on him and the baby. The squad rushes in to save them. Later at the hospital, Mills says he’ll always be a firefighter. When Antonio comes to check in on Dawson he brings Jeff to talk. Antonio says Jeff’s wife’s ex was shot and killed with an army issued weapon, and Jeff says they will find that type of gun in his house.

As the episode ends, the doctor comes out and tells everyone Casey has an epidural hematoma and is heading into emergency surgery.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ding-freakin’-dong the witch is dead!


Isabella: Miss McLeod, on this table here is a piece of paper awaiting your signature. Since it has been brought to the senator’s attention you don’t have a mandate to close anymore firehouses we’d like for you to sign it.
McLeod: I don’t think you understand…
Isabella: I don’t think you understand this: you may be able to bully your way around the State Fire Marshall’s office, but you’re swimming in different waters now, Gail. You’re gonna sign that paper or you’re gonna have microphones stuck in your face asking why your salary is a big chunk of the money you saved the city.
McLeod: If you would just stop to think for a moment…
Isabella: If you don’t sign that I’ll nail you to a cross so hard you won’t get a government contract as a meter maid.