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A city inspector visit's Molly's, Severide faces down his demons and Dawson and Casey try to find a balance. 

Severide is out drinking and living it up. He gets on the train.

Casey and Dawson are excited about her first day as a candidate, but she needs to get her ring off!

On the train, someone screams about shooting and Severide goes up to the next car. A woman is shot and she asks "Roy" to listen to the man. Him and Severide battle it out and Severide gets the gun. He checks on the woman and heads to the radio. That's when she tells him there is another gunman who ran to the back.

Severide reaches paramedics and shooting begins again. They take off down the train tracks and up into the station.

The shooters find Severide and put a gun to his head. They argue amongst themselves and then Burgess and Sean arrive. Severide can't leave until Homicide gets his statement, but the woman survived.

Dawson doesn't take to her new hazing any better than Jones did.

Peter has been cleared to become a paramedic. Boden wonders if Peter is making the right choice. Peter assures him he's here to do the work as a paramedic, but then immediately questions Boden about Severide. Did they talk about finding a way around the situation to keep Mills on Squad? Nope.

Brett has never worked with a guy as a partner and goofily talks about it.

Casey wonders where Severide got the shiner and assumes it was something that went bad with a woman. Severide doesn't correct him.

A dude named Harrison shows up looking for Sylvie Brett. He blew it. He got cold feet about the wedding and wants her back. Please come home. Otis thought she was the runaway bride, not her husband.

There's a horrible accident in a junkyard where a pile of cars crashed down on a man and he's still alive. Hermann teaches Dawson how to improvise.

Men are taking bets on how Severide got his shiner, and assume he won't even remember himself.

The Molly's 2 food truck is ready for action.

Hermann pulls Dawson away from Casey. He doesn't want her apologizing to Casey and calling out her or Hermann's mistakes. 

Hermann gets the news that the Lieutenant's position he applied for elsewhere has been filled. Second time this month.

Boden calls Severide into his office. He got a courtesy call from CPD about action on the El Train. It's not just about showing up. He wants Boden to think he's find about Shay, but he's not. If he doesn't get beyond it, Boden will kick him out.

There are new regulations for food trucks and they have to do about $30k worth of work on it.

Despite what Hermann told Dawson, she tells Casey the delay on jacks was on her and Casey makes everyone drill her on tools until the end of shift. 

Hermann knows that the inspector, as well as the firehouse Lieutenant dings, are due to him. He doesn't know what he did and he doesn't know how to apologize when he doesn't know.

Harrison tells Brett that he put an offer on the house she always wanted back home. She's starting something new.

Dawson and Casey talk about Severide. He's slipping away. What got Casey through it when he lost someone?

Severide visits the hospital and learns the lady who was shot was discharged. She got very good pre-hospital care that probably saved her life. 

Hale learns that Chief Hale will be in a meeting a 'really long time' and delivers some cigars. They're later returned.

The crew tries to get Dawson to sit on a bed rigged to fall apart. She doesn't bite.

At her first fire, Dawson is kept outside by Hermann. The local hydrant has been vandalized. Boden expects her to find more water before the truck runs dry. More hydrants are stripped. Dawson sees something across the street that catches her eye. They break into a building and use the hydrant. She comes through!

Severide saw the doors in the basement chained shut. He thinks sweat shop. The first girl who cleared the way for others dies and Brett can't handle it. 

The guys finally get Dawson with a bunch of confetti flying out of the truck. Then she gets to clean it up!

Casey talks to Severide about losing Hallie. He still thinks he might see her coming out of a store or something, but truthfully, he loves the feeling.

Mills has a chat with Brett. He needs to know that she's there for him. It's not Indiana. They'll see things they can never imagine and people and situations that make you sick to your stomach. A rescue recovers a recovery in a blink, so you can't get attached or lose focus.

Severide apologizes to Mills for dropping the ball. Mills says he's good where he is. For now.

Brett goes into Harrison's arms, tearfully.

Hermann goes to Chief Hale's house. He doesn't mind if he sandbags his career, but honest guys are trying to make a go of Molly's. Hale walks Hermann over to his garage. It's full of the energy water Hermann was schilling two years ago.

The lady from the train comes to visit Severide and wants to meet the paramedic friend of his. When he says she's dead, the lady says she's here, she can feel her.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Peter, this choice that you made is commendable, but I feel compelled to tell you that other firefighters have gone down this road only to find themselves chasing ghosts.


Injured Lady: Maybe you missed your calling.
Severide: My best friend was a medic. She drilled this stuff into me.
Injured Lady: Amen to her.