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Casey meets up with his niece, Violet, at a diner. He notices she has a black eye, which she claims she got from a fight at school, and asks him to not tell her mother.

Sylvie slept with Harrison and he still wants her to move back home with him.

There's a fire in a high rise building. Despite Herrmann volunteering to clear the roof with Dawson, Casey overrides him and says he'll go with her to the roof.

Cruz notices a victim on the 5th floor balcony. He's able to rescue him and hand him off to Mills and Brett.

Chief Boden orders Dawson and Casey off the roof immediately, but they can't make it to a safe location, and are forced to use their bailout gear. As the are repelling off the roof Dawson's gear jams, and Casey keeps her calm until they can safely land.

Newhouse has a job offer for Mills, but he passes, despite the fact it pays well.

Boden commends Cruz on the earlier rescue. Cruz notes how good it felt to be back out there, even if it wasn't in the driver's seat.

Casey goes to see his sister Christie. He's surprised to learn this wasn't Violet's first fight, and he's worried despite her assurances that they are fine.

Brett admits to Severide that she slept with Harrison, but still doesn't seem sure that they are back together. She tells him she's not moving back home with him.

Casey once again uses his Lt position to undermine Herrmann when it comes to Dawson. 

Casey goes to see his brother-in-law Jim, who reveals that he and Christie are getting a divorce. Casey also realizes Jim is already dating someone new and storms out.

Dawson suggests that Casey reaches out to Detective Adam Ruzek, and have him look into Jim and what may be going on.

Boden gathers the Molly's gang and makes it clear that the food truck needs to find a new home, other than the front of his firehouse.

Herrmann breaks the chain of command to discuss Casey's actions involving Dawson with Boden. Boden wants to hear nothing of it, and tells him he's confident Herrmann will find a way to deal with it.

Mills and Brett respond to a call where Mills is attacked by the drugged up victim, and Brett saves him by drugging the guy.

Severide is still on the hunt for drinking buddies, Cruz and Otis make excuses to get out of it.

Boden tries to get Cruz back behind the wheel due to his great save earlier at the building fire, but he's met with opposition.

Brett returns to her home and interrupts a burglary in progress. She is unable to stop the thief from escaping.

Det. Ruzek tells Casey what he has found. He relays the fact that Jim is now dating his receptionist, who he is also using to hide his financial assets.

Harrison is worried about Sylvie living in Chicago and that she can't handle it. This recalls bad feelings for her. He threatens that he won't be there if she leaves, and she walks out the door anyway.

The truck responds to a call where an elevator is stuck on the top floor of a building. Herrmann volunteers to enter the elevator in an attempt to pry the doors open from the inside. As he does, the car goes flying down two floors. The team is able to pry the elevator doors open and get everyone out safely.

Mouch offers for 81 to take over service squad's bathroom duties for the rest of the year if Capp will fix the Molly's food truck.

Boden informs Cruz that he's back on the wheel and his suspension has been lifted. Cruz still lets Otis have his moment of glory with his nephews.

Herrmann finally confronts Dawson about not closing the truck compartment doors. It turns out she was doing it on purpose, and the two address the elephant in the room surrounding her joining the squad. They decide the best move going forward is for Dawson to shadow Herrmann instead of Casey.

Casey informs Christie about the information Ruzek found. She doesn't want to fight, and just wants to get on with her life. Casey assures his niece that everything will be ok.

Boden shows up at Molly's and Casey asks what it took to get Cruz's suspension lifted. Boden says he won't be included in the next round of promotions.

While Severide tries to organize a rescue squad Vegas weekend, Brett shows up at Molly's and assures them that everything is fine.

Herrmann assures Dawson that he's going to make a firefighter out of her.

Casey confronts Jim and threatens him to come clean about his finances.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Herrmann: I'm going to make a firefighter out of you.
Dawson: That's exactly what I want.

Mouch: You go to church or something?
Cruz: Sometimes you gotta believe brother!