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Severide, still distraught, returns to Firehouse 51 while Mills finds out more details concerning his family. 

Severide makes the move in with Case and Dawson.

Dawson takes some ale over the Firehouse 105 as a bribe and they inform her she's in for some hazing. She requests they bring it.

Severide returns to work and turns down grief counseling, but when he sees Sylvie Brett getting into her vehicle, he also sees Shay.

Severide and Newhouse rescue a young girl from an SUV that's hanging over an embankment. Severide is back!

Severide visits Lindsay to tell her he's back. She suggests they get together tonight, but he has plans with the guys.

Mills goes to visit his relative, Leonard, but the fellow he meets is not the most welcoming person. He wants Mills to provide paperwork about who he is. Mills gives him something but you know it will never reach Leonard.

Casey puts Dawson through her paces. She's fooled. At the top is a ring. Casey pops the question and gets an enthusiastic yes!

Dawson misses Shay and wishes she had her to share her news, while she still worries about Severide fighting it out alone.

Newhouse brings his daughter by the firehouse and isn't greeted with much enthusiasm by Boden.

Casey shares the news about their engagement with Severide. He's genuinely happy.

Hermann is having Cruz and Mouch work for their shares in Molly's. 

Dawson shares her news with Brett who is shocked -- she didn't even know they were, you know!

Dawson and Brett are practically assaulted when they help a guy who practically ODed. He runs off, upset he lost his high.

Dawson thinks it's strange that Brett has a wad of cash sitting around her new house.

Dawson gets called to the Chief's office and she thinks she's getting her shield. The transfer to 105 didn't go through. They found somebody they thought was a better fit. Although the department doesn't take gender into the equation, we all know Welch did the unthinkable.

Boden promises to get to the bottom of the Dawson issue.

Severide shows Newhouse's daughter his photo on the wall, and spots himself next to Shay.

Mills' mom is unhappy he's looking for his family. They had a racial issue with her and it was ugly.

Dawson tells Welch he made the biggest mistake of his career because she was going to work her ass off to make it the best house in Chicago, but now she'll do that for somene else.

Severide is too drunk at Molly's and he's too excited that Brett is there. He wants her to be Shay. Everyone wants him to go home, but he's up for a party. Anything to hide the pain. 

Severide has been sleeping at the house. 

Mouch has no idea what he's presenting on Molly's.

Casey reaches out to Severide but he pretends everything is alright. We clearly know it is not.

The crew is called to an empty lot. Two people are in a hatch of some sort and made a call from a cell phone. Maybe a gas pocket? They lower Mills down with gear. Mills passes out while he's down there, too. His gear didn't work, probably because he was upside down.

Naomi helps Cruz with his Molly's project. Everyone falls in love with her. Boden seems afraid to have a kid of his own.

When Mills' relative comes by the firehouse to tell him the old man wants to see him, Mills says to tell everyone in the are with the name Mills to go to hell.

Cruz makes a presentation -- food trucks. Low initial risk, solid investment strategy. YES!!!

Boden sees his baby for the first time. It's a high risk pregnancy but the baby is OK.

Severide gets lost at a bar on his way to see Lindsay. She'll be his friend, but she's not going to be the girl who waits for him. Sad face.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Dawson: I"m sorry. I'm sorry, it's just umm, it's just nuts that this wave of it suddenly hits me...
Casey: Hey, hey, you gotta talk to me when that happens. What do you think this thing's about? It's not just free sex, lady.
Dawson: OK. The thing is, this morning, when I woke up, my first thought was 'I can't wait to tell Shay.'
Casey: She helped me buy the ring. She was really happy for us.

Casey: Gaby, will you marry...
Dawson: Yes, yes, yes yes!!