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On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2, Kelly Severide is still struggling greatly with the death of his best friend, Leslie Shay. He is trying to ride it out alone so he does not have to burden anyone, but that actually makes people worry even more. He needs to accept what others are offering so he does not sink too deeply into a depression. Matt Casey puts Gagy Dawson through her paces before she takes the transfer to the new firehouse. What she does not know is that these paces are a bit different than others. Will her bribe to Welch at the new house work to get them on her good side? Mouch and Cruz are aching to get in on Molly's and put together a presentation to prove their interest. Will it work out for them or not? Chief Boden is worried about Donna and the pregnancy. Will it be OK? He is touched when Newhouse brings in his daughter Naomi because she has the week off of school. Getting to know Millhouse is good. Mills is searching for his roots until his mother tells him that there was great racial tension from his grandfather. Find out what else goes down when you watch Chicago Fire online!

Episode Details

Mills finds out more details about his family, Dawson looks forward to her candidacy at the Austin Firehouse, and Severide returns to Firehouse 51 on Chicagoe Fire.

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 (37 Votes)
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Dawson: I"m sorry. I'm sorry, it's just umm, it's just nuts that this wave of it suddenly hits me...
Casey: Hey, hey, you gotta talk to me when that happens. What do you think this thing's about? It's not just free sex, lady.
Dawson: OK. The thing is, this morning, when I woke up, my first thought was 'I can't wait to tell Shay.'
Casey: She helped me buy the ring. She was really happy for us.

Casey: Gaby, will you marry...
Dawson: Yes, yes, yes yes!!