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Matt becomes invested in an accident victim who shows signs of abuse, but won't stand up to her husband when help is offered. He visits the home himself, obviously identifying the woman with his mother. The husband stops by the firehouse to confront Casey, but Severide and Boden step in and stop the potential fight. Burgess and Antonio come by to brainstorm about what the next steps should be to help this woman, but Burgess points out that unless she's ready to leave, all their offers of help will do nothing. As the cops are leaving the firehouse, a call comes through to the couples house. When they arrive, the husband is found unconscious in the bedroom, while Matt finds the wife in the living room holding a bloody baseball bat. Matt convinces her to leave the house with him by telling her about his mother. He and Kelly claim that the husband hit his head on the bed, and Antonio goes along with the story. The wife is successfully escorted to a no contact shelter, and the husband doesn't press any charges. 

Mouch and Herrmann are rushing the Slamigan business, which makes Cruz nervous. They've gone ahead and brought on two sales reps without talking to him. They try to quiet his unease by presenting him with his own Slamigan shirt with a CEO title on it. They explain that obviously he'll own 51% of the company, and they'll split the remaining 49%. Cruz reminds them of Sylvie's involvement and insists that she get 10% ownership--out of their shares. Later, Cruz is worried about money problems and paying rent, which makes Mouch and Herrmann feel guilty, but he refuses to take money from them. They all get excited when they get their first order in, only to be let down that it was only for two Slamigans. 

Sylvie's relationship with Antonio is back on, but they're not communicating very well, even for something casual. Things get more complicated for her when Gabby thinks her nausea and fatigue may be signs of pregnancy. Sylvie can't even bring herself to pay for the pregnancy test at the drug store, but by the time Gabby stops by for moral support when she takes the test, she's on the "maybe it's meant to be" band wagon. When the test turns out negative, she obviously has split emotions. 


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

This is no longer the squad table, this is now officially the Gabriela Dawson nap-time area.

Gabby [stealing Cap's new recliner]

Cap: It's my squad-iversary.
Cruz [annoyed]: He made rescue squad on this date nine years ago.
Cap: Exactly.
Kelly: Didn't you have to go back for retraining seven years ago?
Cap: Once in squad, always in squad.