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Joe plans a huge gesture to show Sylvie how much he cares for her -- a weekend away at one of the most expensive luxury resorts in the country, Blackberry Farms. Every time he tries to find time alone with her, something interrupts. After being shaken by a bad call where a victim died in her arms and getting into a fight with Dawson, Cruz comforts Brett, telling her that she can always count on him. She tells him how important he is to her and how much she values his friendship, which causes him to give up the big romantic plan.

Stella continues to be uncomfortable with Renee's presence. When Kelly doesn't pick her up at the firehouse after his day of testimony, she fears the worst, and heads to his apartment expecting to find him with Renee. She's surprised when she finally arrives back at her place and finds him on her bed. He tells her that he told Renee that there was no reason for them to see each other anymore now that the case was over, but left out the part where Renee kissed him.

Reeling from the news about her aneurysm, Gabby makes the unilateral decision to go forward with a pregnancy. Matt isn't very happy that she failed to consult him and he's worried about even the smallest possibility of losing her. He tries to convince her that there are other ways for them to have a baby, like adoption, but she flat out refuses to consider the idea after what happened with Louie. Matt goes to meet with a social worker at a private adoption agency just to get more information and Gabby is incensed when she finds out. Back at the house, they have a fight where Gabby insists that she's fine with the risk (which is only 10%) because she wants their baby and Matt accuses her of never considering his feelings. Gabby retorts that she cares about his opinion and his feelings but that she can't rely on them. She leaves the house to get some space, and ends up heading over to HQ to talk to the chief of paramedics about an opportunity in Puerto Rico he had approached her with earlier. 

Boden's unhappy that the commissioner isn't giving the full facts of the story about the kickback to the press because it will make him look bad. Boden heads over to Grizz's office and reads him the riot act for leaking the story when he knew it was nothing. When the press officer is finally able to shut the story down, there's a consequence -- Boden has lost the commissioner's endorsement. Otis and the others talk to a firefighter from another house and find out that the mayor is looking at analytics to make his decision and that Grizz is the current front runner because of his high success rates. This bothers Otis, who does some digging and finds out that Grizz went back and altered over a decade of reports. Just as Otis, Boden, and the others arrive at city hall to present their evidence to the mayor, Grizz is appointed commissioner. This can only mean trouble for 51. 


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Cruz [about the success of the Slamigan]: I figured I'd celebrate.
Stella: By booking two nights at one of the most romantic spots in America? You taking Otis? Hmm?

Gabby: I don't want to be rash or impulsive...but I've decided that we're gonna keep trying for a baby.
Matt: You've decided?
Gabby: Well, it's my body, so it's my choice.