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Severide is approached by a lieutenant for OFI about being detailed to the unit. He declines but is surprised when Boden tells him he has been transferred there anyway.

Severide confronts Van Meter and Seager and learns the order came from Grissom.

Severide goes to speak with Grissom and learns this isn't a punishment or retribution. As the commission of the CFD, Grissom is tasked with overseeing the department and believes Severide has the right set of skills to help clear OFI's backlog.

Grissom tells Severide the meaning of public service and says Severide can transfer back to 51 once the backlog is cleared. In exchange, Severide asks Grissom for a favor involving Herrmann.

Hermann gets into a "tussle" with a police officer at the scene of a hostage situation, and the officer files a complaint with the department.

Herrmann tries to make nice, but the officer refuses to withdraw his complaint.

Herrmann is facing the possibility of losing his place at 51 and his command of Engine 51, but thanks to Severide, the CFD brass decides not to pursue action.

Brett goes on a date with Ryan but realizes she doesn't just want a nice guy. After everything she went through, she wants to find the one.

Cruz is excited about the Firefighting Expo but he runs into several obstacles, including patent theft, delayed props, and an undesirable booth location.

Firehouse 51 rallies around him at the expo, and the Slamigan is a huge success.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Herrmann: Hey, can we get this squad car moved?
Officer: I’m a little busy or didn’t you notice we got a hostage situation.
Herrmann: Yeah, no kidding, but I’m under orders to get my engine connected to that hydrant.
Officer: Yeah, sounds like your problem, not mine.

Casey: Ryan's the guy you were dating, right? He seems really invested, which makes a difference in those situations.
Brett: I wasn't dating Ryan. We had a drink once at Molly's to talk about Isaac.
Casey: Either way, it's nice to know there's someone in the system advocating for kids like that.
Brett: Um, why was I so defensive about Ryan? It's super weird.
Foster: Don't ask me, partner.