On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3 the feud between firehouses 51 and 105 goes to extremes when Welch gives the go ahead to race 51 to a fire. Read on to find out what went down.

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When you watch Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3 online, you will discover just how difficult it can make life when two firehouses are not getting along. How does the idea of two trucks crashing in the middle of the street as you make your way to a fire sound? Yes, that's exactly what happened. Because the driver of the 105 truck is unconscious, all of the bad mojo comes down on Cruz, who swears he went through safely. The feud escalates and careers are on the line. Elsewhere, Dawson is given an opportunity to work Truck 81 with Casey as her Lieutenant as long as they don't get married. Can they do that? Is being a firefighter or a wife more important? Severide cannot stand the thought of going through another line of duty funeral and Mills learns he can no longer be a firefighter. What will he do? Does he give up? While he mulls things over, he goes to see his grandfather, with a push from Boden, and discovers all is not as he anticipated. It was another fabulous installment and it's one you will want to see You should watch Chicago Fire online now!

Episode Details

On Chicago Fire a really big thing goes down with lots of fire trucks and flames and all of the heroes of Firehouse 51 need to respond to save lives.

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0 (30 Votes)
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Dawson: Do I have clearance to hug you now?
Casey: You do.

Hermann: I guess they were tryin' to cut across from Michigan, but they had to know we were on Wabash, right?
Severide: Either way, they gotta slow down and have a look. Everyone knows that.
Newhouse: Unless they had the green.