Chicago Fire Tournament of TV Fanatic

Chicago Fire Quotes

Cruz: Boden put a note on that truck.
Gallo: Like Capp said. Did he blast them?
Cruz: No, it was completely Boden. Very polite, very chill.
Ritter: We should get to shift early and mark chief’s spot.
Gallo: Who’s we?
Ritter: Us.
Cruz: Who are you?
Ritter: I’m the planner.

Cruz: Hey, you OK? What’s that bandage on your head? A laceration? How serious?
Mackey: It’s not serious. It’s small.
Cruz: Well, you should have gone to Med to have them check you out. You know head injuries, you never know.
Gallo: She’s fine. I gave her a good once over at the scene.
Cruz: Yeah, I bet you did.
Mackey: Joe, I’m fine. For real.