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Choi is upset about something and taking his frustration out on a punching bag. Sharon fills Maggie in on the new patient satisfaction cards. A chemo patient is brought in after being found unconscious at a coffee shop. When her family arrives, her husband tells Nat that she has end stage lymphoma and that she has a DNR. Will wants to admit her, but she refuses, saying they can treat her down in the ER. A 14 year old boy is brought after being impaled with rebar when he jumped off a building. Choi treats a math teacher was found passed out at her desk, likely after a seizure. Sarah performs CPR on the boy while Connor cracks his chest to release pericardial pressure. Maggie briefs the nursing staff on the new forms and April and Sarah treat a lice infestation. Will and Nat discuss the DNR, and Zoe walks through the ER. Will stops her and tries to get her to let the woman into a clinical trial. Choi's patient is in renal failure, but he doesn't know why. Downey steps in on Zanetti and Connor's surgery, choosing Connor to assist him. Downey talks him through the repair, and complements him on the way out. Sam is more than a little jealous of the praise. April and Sarah help the homeless man out of his clothes. Zoe tells Will that she got Mrs. Baker into the trial, but she isn't happy when he tells her the news. Will pushes the trial, even as she refuses the treatment. He turns to Nat for support, but she suggests they leave Mrs. Baker to rest. He takes it very personally. Will makes the argument about his mother. Dewey calls Connor up to assist on a valve replacement. Will try's to talk to Jen's husband, telling him that the trial has had some remissions. The husband agrees to talk to her. April and Sarah finish up with the homeless man, informing him that they had to burn his clothes. Choi's patient has a psychotic episode and Dr. Charles is called in. She pulls out all of her IVs and catheters, claiming that they're "letting the numbers out." Dr. Charles tells Choi that Olivia was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and that the dialysis cleared the medicine from her system. Maggie complains to Sharon about the new patient satisfaction cards. Connor asks Sharon why she approved his working with Downey, and tells her he isn't okay with hit. Sarah checks in with her lice patient, bringing him new clothes and a satisfaction card. Connor goes up to Downey's office and tries to impress upon him he is a trauma fellow, and doesn't want to be taken away from that. Downey relates an anecdote trying to convince Connor to switch to cardio thoracic, but Connor stays firm. Downey says he'll leave him be. Jen starts to code and Will pressures the husband to allow him to resuscitate her. He starts CPR and orders the staff to assist him. Nat tries to stop him, but he shocks her repeatedly, and her pulse come back. Charles has a conversation with Olivia, who is back on the lithium. Choi shows a disturbing lack of understanding about mental illness. Will checks in on Jen, who is intubated and conscious. The husband and Jen are both clearly upset. Will is called to Sharon's office and chewed out for violating the DNR. Maggie tells Sarah to get Mr. Brennan out of the exam room, but when she goes to wake him up, he's dead. Connor tells Sam about how he turned down Dewey, and she's upset that he's passing up such a great opportunity. Jen is taken upstairs, and Will asks Nat about her, but she refuses to share patient information. She calls him on his arrogance and selfishness. Dr. Downey is brought in to the ED after a single car accident, and Sharon breaks the news that he is suffering from liver cancer. Connor asks Sharon about Dewey's diagnosis. Sharon informs Will that the Baker's are suing the hospital and pressing charges against Will personally. He won't be suspended, but he may end up getting fired. Maggie tells Sarah that sometimes homeless people do this -- sense the end is near and come to the hospital to die in a clean, warm place. The patient gave her a perfect 10 on the scorecard. Zoe tells Will that the story is already out there, but that she thinks he did the right thing. He agrees to let her by him a drink. Choi visits Dr. Charles and reveals his own PTSD. Connor sits by Dewey's bedside and tells him that he'll work with him once Downey wakes. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Daniel: Olivia Grey has bipolar disorder. Diagnosed when she was eighteen.
Ethan: So we're dealing with more than a medical issue. She's unstable.
Daniel: All due respect, it's entirely a medical issue.

Dr. Halstead, you're not listening to me.