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Choi is abrupt with Vicki in the shower before work. Will gets chewed out by Sharon about the lawsuit. Sarah is debating over which residency programs to rank for preference. A kid is brought in after taking a hit in a hockey game.  His father insists that he's fine, but Choi orders a battery of tests run anyway. The mother is worried about concussions, but the father is more concerned about a scholarship offer from BU. A former pro hockey player himself, he's exhibiting symptoms of concussion induced brain damage. Maggie wakes up Connor, who is working longer shifts than legally allowed while he studies with Downey. They're getting ready for a transplant procedure. Zoe shows up and flirts with Will, who leaves to do intake on a diabetic patient who is also in congestive heart failure. Nat interrupts; she's treated the patient in the past, and is clearly not confident in Will's judgment. Connor tries to talk to Zanetti about the ex-vevo transplant, but she gives him the cold shoulder, leaving to answer a trauma page. Choi comes in to release the boy, and notices more symptoms in the father. The mother is still worried about the boy, who has had a headache for two weeks. Choi suggests it could be meningitis, and Sarah prepares to do a spinal tap, but the boy passes out. Choi checks over Sarah, who was injured when the boy fell. Choi consults with Charles about the father, Jack. Connor preps the patient on the transplant surgery, and Downey admonishes him to not get so technical in the future. Nat gets the tests results back on the diabetic -- none of Will's tests come back positive. Jack is on the phone with a doctor complaining about the spinal tap. Charles chats him up while Sarah performs the procedure. April and Maggie try to convince Sarah to stay, and she admits that she's considering emergency medicine as her specialty. Connor and Downey's patient has a reaction to the propophyl. Downey finds that they need to do a valve replacement before they can do the transplant. The diabetic patient crashes and both Nat and Will respond. Nat tubes the patient while Will prepares to shock him. They shock him three times and still can't get a pulse. Will takes over compressions, refusing to accept the patient has died. He storms out of the room when Nat calls it. Connor proposes several options to Downey, who rejects them all before telling Connor his plan for minimally invasive valve repair. The hockey player has cerebritis, which is possibly treatable by serious. Choi tries to talk to Jack about CTE, and Jack overreacts and assaults Choi. Charles breaks it up when Choi starts to fight back. When Choi tries to justify himself, Charles admonishes him for skipping therapy sessions. Will gets upset when he sees that Nat ordered Vitamin K for the patient. He accuses her of causing Tom's death, and she stands up to him. Connor tries to talk to Zanetti about Downey, but she once again gives him the cold shoulder. Sarah talks to Bret about his goals while she examines him. He mentions that he gets nosebleeds all the time, which raises her suspicions. Nat requests to be put on different shifts than Will, but Sharon tells her it's status quo until after the lawsuit is over. Sarah briefs Choi on her suspicions. Will observes the autopsy of the diabetic patient, looking to confirm his suspicions, but it quickly becomes clear that it wasn't a PE from the vitamin K. He had a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Choi has Sarah give Brett and his family the test results, and Choi explains what HHT means. He recommends the kid quit hockey, and the father gets defensive. Choi talks to Brett one-on-one, and tries to convince him to take the diagnosis seriously. Sarah encourages him that he can find another path in life. Will confesses him mistake and the argument with Nat to Zoe. Downey and Connor start on the lung transplant, but one of the canulas comes loose and blood starts to spray everyway. They get the bleeding under control and Downey puts Connor in charge of the transplant. Brett and his family checkout, but his twitter indicates that he's chosen to keep playing. Maggie asks Sarah about her decision, and she tells them that she doesn't think she can handle the ED and so she's going with pathology. Will tries to apologize to Nat, and she confronts him about his two face behavior. She asks why he treats her that way, and he's surprised that she doesn't know that he loves her. He kisses her, and she lets him walk away. Connor checks on the patient only to find Downey at his bedside. He figures out that Downey's "episode" in the OR was faked. Choi skips out on dinner with Vicki but meets her at the recruiting event. He admits to her that he's been seeing Charles for treatment, and she's supportive. Connor tells Sam that he's noticed things have been off since he started with Downey, but that he'd choose his fellowship if she pressed him. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh, come on -- sport's the oldest form of group therapy. We yell, we scream. Testosterone spikes. Every now and then, we even get to believe in a miracle.


Sarah: Uh...fourth period, bottom of the ninth -- put me back in, Coach.
Daniel: Butchered hockey, football, and baseball in one sentence -- impressive.