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Sarah starts therapy with Dr. Charles friend/shrink. Her first session doesn't go very well, but after connecting with Choi's patient, she recommits to facing her own issues.

Choi and Jeff treat a patient who was inserted a pistol into his rectum. When his father arrives, he claims he did so to smuggle the gun into county prison for his cousin. Reese suspects otherwise when she notices cut marks on his arms and legs. The extraction process is extremely delicate, requiring the ER team to borrow gear from the police. Despite all procautions, the pistol discharges during removal, and the bullet hits Jeff -- after passing through the patients bowel. Sarah tries to convince the patient to recant his confession and tell the truth to avoid jail, but he refuses.

Stohl is filming a promotional video for the ED's website, much to Halstead's chagrin. Despite his misgivings about the project, Halstead uses Stohl's desire for interesting cases for the film to cover his ass when he orders tests against his boss' orders -- he is convinced that there is something more serious going on with a patient that Stohl dismissed as having a simple sinus infection. His hunch was right, but the patient only has a 90% chance of surviving. Halstead regrets coercing him into signing the release for the video, and is appalled that Stohl want's to continue to follow the case. Will insists they give the man the right to rescind his consent, but is surprised when his patient decides to continue with filming. He wants his life to mean something.

Natalie is annoyed by a mother who is more concerned about her clients and her job than about her daughter. The girl has many puzzling symptoms. After finding no physiological cause, Nat calls in Dr. Charles. He's also stumped until an offhand comment by a colleague sparks an idea. He ends up diagnosising the girl with mirror synesthia, a newly discovered and rare disorder in which she perceives other people's emotions and sensations as her own.

A man is brought in after collapsing at Ikea, and the doctors are amazed when it turns out he has situs inversus -- all of his organs are mirrored from the positions of normal anatomy. He needs heart surgery, but Latham is frustrated by the change to his routine that the procedure will require, and is also experiencing minor paranoia now that he is aware that his colleagues are prone to deride and mock him. After his scrub nurse quite on him, he over hears Connor trying to convince her to return. He reveals his Asperger's diagnosis to his student, and Connor helps his get through the procedure with pride intact. Latham works up the nerve to show up at Molly's at Connor's invitation.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Jeff: Dr. Choi was right, there is something lodged in the rectum.
Dr. Stohl: What is that, a gun?!

Therapist: Do you feel self conscious?
Sarah: A little.
Therapist: Good. Self conscious is what we're going for. You know what makes you better at this job? Being present. Being honest. Especially with yourself.