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Nat and Ethan get off the night shift only to be stopped in the parking lot by their former patient, Deb. Deb's friend is homeless and pregnant and sick, but refuses to come into the hospital because of DCFS. Nat is reluctant to treat the girl out on the street, but goes along at Choi's urging. The pregnant girl, Laura, is already in labor, but didn't realize it. She's developed an infection after her water broke two days previously. Nat makes a run back to the hospital for drugs, brushing off Will when he asks her what's going on. Back at the homeless camp, Laura's labor has progressed, but the baby exhibits should dystocia. Nat does an episiotomy in order to deliver the baby. When Laura's told that she still needs to go into the hospital because the baby will freeze out in the cold, she sends Nat and Ethan alone with the infant. Nat tries to talk her out of giving up her daughter, but Laura insists. Laura and her infection are left behind with antibiotics, the baby is surrendered to DCFS, and Nat feels bad that there are kids on the streets. 

April and Will treat a cancer patient refusing treatment because he's a pedophile. April doesn't understand why Will won't just let him die. Will calls psych in to try and get him declared incompetent, but Charles encourages Reese to try and look at it from the patient's perspective. When they talk to the man more, they realize he doesn't want to die because he feels guilty, but because the stress of not giving into his urges is unbearable. The next time the man starts to code, Will deliberately sends April out of the room for an instrument and refrains from treating him, allowing the man to die. April realizes that she shouldn't judge people. Will brushes Natalie off when she comes back to the hospital, and finally wants to talk. 

Daniel covertly adds a neuro PET scan when he notices Reese's father is in for some testing with Connor. The results show rather conclusively that the man has antisocial personality disorder -- he's a psychopath. Daniel urges him to reveal this diagnosis to Sarah, saying that they may become closer because of it, but really hoping that Sarah, who was sensing something was off earlier, will be warned about the way her father is attempting to take advantage of it. But her father instead reveals his cardiomyopathy to her, gaining her trust while using some of the exact phrasing Daniel used with him in their session. 

Maggie is named in a lawsuit by a man left behind by an ambulance in favor of an insured patient. She and Sharon figure out the pizza room has maybe been working a little to well. The hospital settles the suit, but Sharon won't be able to close the pizza room as planned -- it's just too profitable for the ED for the board to agree. 

Connor and Ava treat a little boy with CF. They manage to find a pair of lungs for a transplant, but disagree about his treatment leading up to the surgery. Connor's ECMO plan is approved by the parents since he's treated the boy previously, but Ava keeps second guessing him every time something goes wrong. They finally work together to find a clot in the ECMO machine. Connor gives Ava the lead in the surgery, citing her smaller hands. Later, when he mentions that he canceled plans if she still wants to grab a drink, she turns him down and tells him the previous nights amorous activities were a mistake. 

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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Incompetent? Who cares? The man is a pedophile. Okay? He wants to die, why don't we just let him?


April: How was the night shift?
Ethan: Only got puked on twice.
April: Sounds like it was a good night.