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Will treats a patient who was misdiagnosed by his physician back in Ohio, and tries to reconnect with Natalie by asking her opinion about the diagnosis. She resists bantering with him, keeping their interactions to the bare minimum. His day doesn't go much better on the professional front -- he is able to definitely make a diagnosis for his patient, but the man is upset about the cost incurred. He had switched to an insurance plan with less coverage to cover the cost of sending his son to Northwestern, and is now facing medical bills in the hundreds of thousands. He commiserates with Connor at Molly's, and is bought a drink by pediatric surgeon Maia Frisch.

Sarah's father pays Daniel a visit, pushing to be added to the transplant list as his condition becomes more dire. When Daniel points out that he can only make a recommendation, and only if Robert addresses the issues they've previously discussed, Haywood immediately turns to Sarah and makes a blunt and cruel confession about how he was trying to use her. They end up treating a young woman brought in by her father after he found her at her mother's house, restrained and dehydrated. The patient's relationship with her father seems very similar to Sarah's -- parents divorced, father lost touch, a recent reconciliation -- and she starts to identify with the case. When they figure out that the woman is dissociating to her six-year old self after her father's visits brought back memories of childhood abuse, Sarah is outraged and verbally attacks the father as he flees the hospital. Daniel takes her to task, pointing out that he is not the one she's angry with. Later, she questions how they can possibly treat the patient when she's in such a state, and Daniel's explanation is clearly a prescription for how Sarah should deal with her own situation. 

Maggie is thrilled to find out that the lawyers have found an out for her -- they'll say she wasn't operating as a nurse when she performed the cric, but as an EMT. They just need her to go and retreive her license. But when she gets home, she finds out that she's missed the renewal deadline -- by two weeks. Desperate, she pays Barry a visit, and his friend at the licensing board expedites and backdates her paperwork. When she gets back to the hospital, she's surprised to find out that she doesn't need her license after all. The family not only declined to sue the hospital, but credited Maggie for saving their daughter's life. Maggie is left feeling guilty that she betrayed her principles to save her job. 

The conjoined twins that Ava and Connor are competing to separate come into the ED -- one of them is sick. It turns out that Lily's heart isn't profusing enough blood. The pediatric surgeon wants to take the conservative route and separate the twins immediately, which would save Dot but condemn Lily to death. Connor comes up with a plan to save both twins, but it's risky. The team decides to not present the option to the parents so that they aren't overwhelmed, but Connor does so at the last minute anyway. His plan works, but he gets bumped from the team for the separation by Latham. 

Emily gets evicted from her apartment and April convinces Ethan to let her stay with him. He spends all day worried that she'll have destroyed his place, but is pleasantly surprised to come home and find the place spotless, complete with dinner on the table. But when April goes to the bathroom to clean up, she finds a bowl full of cigarette butts. Emily broke her promise and had people over, but convinces April to keep her secret, promising it will never happen again. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Patient: Give me an estimate. The biopsy, the MRI. All these tubes. What's it all come out to? A hundred grand? 200? Three?
Will: I really don't know.
Patient: What is wrong with you? How can you call for all these tests when you have no idea how much they cost?

Maggie: My paramedic license. It was supposed to get me my job back. Problem is, it expired two weeks ago and I didn't know about it... [shrugs in defeat]
John: And they gonna can you for that? No, this here is your calling. And they all gotta know that by now.