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Will brings Natalie into the hospital. She is unconscious and they are both covered in blood. Will wants to stay but is woozy and forced to go into an exam room where he demands he be stitched up immediately so he can get back to Natalie.

Philip shows up and says he is Natalie's fiance. This is news to the doctor working on her. He is allowed to go with her as she is wheeled out. WIll watches from a doorway.

Everyone is called back to Med. Sharon says that Natalie is stable but unresponsive. Dr. Charles goes to check on Will and Maggie sends Ethan and April to work together. Tim Burke is released to the cops.

A psychotic patient is brought in with his grandmother (OMG it's Kathy Baker!). Charles plans to go home with his wife but she tells him to stay. Meanwhile, Sharon checks in with Maggie who says they found a mass on her breast and she needs a biopsy.

Charles orders sedatives for the psychotic patient, who is thrashing around. Grandma doesn't like the idea of him being given drugs but Charles says it's necessary.

Will starts to tell Rhodes that Natalie was about to tell him something when the accident happened. They are interrupted by Maggie. Atwater wants to see Rhodes.

Atwater tells Rhodes he's sorry for his loss, then questions him. His father was killed by someone who knew what they were doing. Atwater makes it clear he considers Rhodes a suspect.

Natalie may need surgery. She has internal bleeding and organ injuries.

Rhodes accuses Ava of killing his father to get revenge. Another doctor comes in the room and Ava accuses Rhodes of the same thing, saying he stands to inherit a lot of money now.

April's pregnancy test is negative, which she finds odd because she's never late. Ethan says it's good news. April agrees. Now they can have margaritas together.

They go to see a patient -- a young boy who has a headache and loss of perephiral vision.

Charles and Marcel want to admit the psychotic patient to the psych ward but his grandmother won't allow it. In the hall Marcel asks isn't he age-appropriate for schizophrenia? Charles says yes, and that's what he thinks it is, but he's got to consider the grandmother and make it as easy for her as possible to accept this diagnosis.

Latham tells Rhodes that Ava has filed a complaint with HR and that he witnessed Rhodes grab her. He doesn't believe that Ava could have killed Rhodes' father when she's a top surgeon. Rhodes says he doesn't have proof and doesn't know for sure but he thinks she did.

Thomas' test results are normal but Ethan wants to do a CT scan of his head. Thomas is scared when his parents leave the room to talk to Ethan. April stays with Thomas.

Ethan tells Thomas' parents they are just ruling out possibilities right now.

Will goes to see Natalie. He takes her hand but Philip shows up. They argue. Another doctor shows up. Philip says they are engaged and points to a ring on Natalie's hand. Will goes. The other doctor says that ring was not there when she was brought in.

Will is up on the roof. Rhodes joins him and Will says that Natalie wanted to tell him she was engaged. Rhodes says Philip showed him the ring and it was weird because his daughter was about to go into surgery. Will practically collapses and Rhodes insists he get a chest x-ray and takes him downstairs.

Abrams comes to see Thomas, whose vision problem is getting worse. He tells Thomas' parents that Thomas has a benign tumor pressing on his optic nerve and he needs surgery.. He goes. The parents are upset. Thomas was a surprise and the mother thought she couldn't get pregnant. Their little boy is their whole world.

The parents go. April is also upset. Ethan takes off.

The floor nurse won't admit the psychotic patient. Dr Charles orders he go to the psych ward despite the grandmother's insistence that she won't allow it.

WIll needs a chest tube but wants one way aspiration so he can go back to work. Rhodes reluctantly agrees.

Ethan tells April he doesn't think they're doing the right thing as Thomas is wheeled to surgery.

Ethan tells Abrams he thinks the kid has a hormone imbalance as he is small for his age. Abrams says do the blood work but if you're wrong he could go blind or go into a coma.

Dr. Latham tells Rhodes and Ava that the insulin was contaminated with chromium and the police can trace it. Rhodes follows Ava into an empty room where she says she did it for him and then slits her throat with a scalpel. Rhodes calls for help. Latham comes in.

Latham and Rhodes do emergency surgery on Ava. Rhodes tells Sharon that Ava tried to kill herself.

Dr. Charles cuts a conversation short about his marriage to talk to the grandmother. She says that this can't be happening, Cameron got a full scholarship and was going to escape his mother's drug addiction.

Natalie wakes up. She is okay except she has no memory of the accident. She doesn't know what Abrams is talking about when he says her fiance is here. She stares at her ring, confused.

Ava flatlines but Rhodes won't stop trying to revive her even after Latham says she's gone. Latham calls time of death. Goodwin wants it kept private until they figure out what happened.

Ethan and April tell Thomas' parents that he is severely hypothyroid and that the mass on his pituitary gland is not a tumor. It can be treated with medication. The parents are thrilled.

Will puts on his shirt and leaves against Elsa's advice.

Maggie tells Sharon she has metatastic cancer. She is going to East Med and doesn't want anyone to know because she doesn't want to be pitied.

Philip visits Natalie. She doesn't remember the accident or him asking her to marry him. He says she will. Will watches.

Rhodes thanks Latham for everything. He says he's leaving. Latham doesn't understand why. Rhodes has been exonerated and they did everything they could to save Ava. But Rhodes feels he needs to start over somewhere else where no one knows him. Latham doesn't want him to go. Rhodes says he will find another surgeon. Latham says he doesn't want his friend to go. They shake hands.

Ethan asks April if it would be so bad if she were pregnant. He feels they are missing out on something. April says someday.

Dr. Charles finally goes home with his wife, who comes to meet him.

Rhodes says goodbye to Sharon and asks her to say his goodbyes for him to everyone else. He leaves.






Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Goodwin: Status on Tim Burke?
Doctor: He's stable.
Goodwin: You can take him.
Doctor: Hey, he dies en route, it won't break my heart.

Philip: Is Natalie okay?
Doctor: Who are you?
Philip: Her fiance.
Doctor: Fiance?
Philip: Yeah, we're engaged.
Doctor: We didn't get the memo.