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Will runs into Veroni in the elevator. She tells him the trial is almost over and afterward there is a slight chance for them to get back together. Will is thrilled.

Meanwhile, Marcel sees April filling out her nurse practitioner application for the program at Med. He is sure she will do great. She notes he's not himself. He says he's fine.

Natalie brings Carol in. She thinks she's in liver failure. Marcel comes in as Will gets her into an exam room and helps get her into the bed. Marcel thinks it might be a drug interaction and wants to be part of the care team in case she needs surgery but Nat tells him he is not needed.

Maggie is observing Vanessa. It's Vanessa's last day. She knows she screwed up. Maybe she should tell her the truth. Sharon advises her that once she does that there's no going back.

Choi asks Dean about talking to Charlies. Dean says that Charles referred him to a support group for veterans. Other people's stories were something. Sharon interrupts. There's a kid with a brain tumor in the ED that needs to be seen. The girl, Mindy, is 18 years old and adamant she doesn't want surgery even though her tumor may be growing. She's a pianist and wants to retain her skills. The parents ask Choi and Dean what they can do. Mindy is 18 and can make her own decisions but Dean recommends getting a temporary power of attorney and if she goes unconscious consent to the surgery (like he did to someone on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14). Choi says that's unethical. The parents want to think it over.

Will says tests confirm Carol is in liver failure. She had asymptomatic Hepatitis C until this point. He will have to take her off the trial med and hope for the best. He will figure something out.

A guy comes into the ED with breathing problems. Marcel did a double lung transplant on him a week ago. Now he is having trouble breathing and a fever. Possible double pneumonia. Marcel confides to April that he fears surgeon error is to blame.

Marcel talks to the family. Jace will need to be back on a breathing machine. He may need a second transplant. Afterward, Marcel tells April this is his fault. He has been distracted with personal problems lately. He has to make it right. April sneaks up to the lab and asks for COVID testing to be done on the donor tissue as the lung scarring looks like what she's seen in the COVID ward. The technician says she needs a doctor's order. April signs Marcel's name to the order (cause that's gonna go over great.)

Will tells Natalie he checked the literature and zero trial patients have liver issues. Natalie thinks they should tell Veroni. She wants to do it herself since she stole the meds.

Vanessa gives Maggie some treatment orders. Maggie asks to meet after her shift. Vanessa asks if she made a mistake. Maggie says she used the wrong abbreviations. Vanessa agrees to meet.

Dr. Charles has a session with Mona, who doesn't want to talk about her dad molesting her, says she doesn't need a psychiatrist, and storms away.

Will talks to Natalie. Carol is in liver failure and has a long QT, which means the issue is her heart. She needs a new heart but is a candidate for a heart procedure that could keep her alive. Natalie isn't sure but Will says when it comes to her mom they must leave no stone unturned.

During the procedure, Carol crashes. Heart beat is too fast and she is dying. Will gets a needle in just in time and she goes back to normal rhythm.

Vanessa brings her adoptive parents to meet everyone at the hospital, including Maggie.

Dr. Charles tries to call Mona and gets voicemail. He hopes she's okay.

Mindy is unconscious. Dean suggests evoking power of attorney to get her the brain surgery. Choi, suddenly an advocate for patient rights, says they can drill a hole in her head right here and wake her up and get her consent for the surgery. Dean takes him aside. This is their chance to save her. Choi asks Dean did he sedate her so that her parents could take over? Dean denies it. Choi drills the hole and Mindy awakens.

Will goes to talk to Veroni. He claims that he's the one who took the trial drugs and gave them to Carol. Veroni is livid. She trusted him and he betrayed her again. She says this may be the end of the trial... or his career. Now go.

Marcel wants to know why his patient is not on echmo yet. April tells him what she did. Marcel is pissed. This man is dying, they don't have time for her to go against his orders. April tells him the donor tissue was COVID-positive.

Sharon, Choi, and Dean talk to Mindy's parents. The hole in her head is draining fluid and keeping her brain from swelling... for now. But she will need surgery eventually. Dean goes into her room. Choi holds his breath as Dean tells her a story about how he got shot at in Iraq and couldn't stop the bleeding. He was scared just like she is. Will she take the surgery if he's there the whole way? She agrees. Sharon thinks Choi chose the right man for the job.

Marcel and April talk to James and Hillary. The donor had recovered from COVID and no one realized his lungs were damaged and suspectible to pneumonia. There is a surgery available but it's very risky and Marcel won't know til after they get in the OR if he can save James at all. He could choose to stay on echmo and get another transplant instead. James trusts Marcel and wants the surgery.

Charles gets a call from Mona. She is apparently contemplating suicide and is on a ledge on the roof. Charles rushes up to talk her down. She wanted to feel normal for once when she came to see him. Charles asks what that would look like. She wants to not be alone, not to feel like a freak. Charles tells her he always has her back and help is available. He knows of a safe place, a program full of women who have had similar experiences. Mona agrees to the program. He helps her off the ledge. She hugs him and cries.

James wakes up after surgery and is able to squeeze Marcel's hand. Marcel tells April in the hall he shouldn't have got mad. She saved James' life. He asks about her interview. She realizes she forgot all about it. She runs up but the office is closed and no one is there.

Choi says he didn't know about Dean's experience in Iraq. Dean says we all had experiences like that. Choi didn't. Did Dean make that story up? No, he borrowed it from someone at his group, which he's about to be late for. Dean runs off and Choi has a weird look on his face.

Maggie gives Vanessa a list of abbreviations and says there's nothing else. She doesn't tell her about their relationship.

Charles brings Mona to the facility. She is hesitant but goes with the head doctor to meet everyone.


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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Will: Sabrina. Haven't seen you around the ED lately.
Veroni: I haven't seen you around the trial office either. I know I've been a little hard on you.
Will: I deserved it.
Veroni: True.
Will: So how is the follow up going?
Veroni: Good. Kender is going into Phase I soon. You know what that means?
Will: Data analysis?
Veroni: That too.
Will: Wait. Are you saying there's still a chance for us?
Veroni: A slight chance.

Could be a drug interaction. We're gonna need a list of her meds.