Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15 Review: Stories, Secrets, Half Truths And Lies

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So when is it okay to break the rules?

Will does it all the time, constantly putting his opinion of what's best for patients above the proper procedures.

And on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15, he sacrificed everything to keep Natalie out of trouble for doing the same thing, while Marcel ended up thanking April for not following protocols after her choice saved a man's life.

Marcel's Worst Fear - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

It wasn't surprising that Will decided to take responsibility for the stolen meds even though it meant the end of his relationship with Veroni five seconds after she forgave him for the last stupid thing he did.

Veroni: Stop making excuses! I trusted you and you betrayed me like this. Who's the patient?
Will: She's Natalie's mother.
Veroni: That explains it, doesn't it? You realize you might just have compromised the entire trial. Not to mention your career.

Will already made it clear that he would do anything for Natalie, and Veroni even picked up on that after he "confessed."

She seemed more hurt that it was Natalie's mom than anything else, suggesting her judgment isn't less compromised.

In Charge of a Mess - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

Will really should have been removed from the trial a long time ago since he constantly ignores protocols in the name of saving patients before the drug is even approved.

The only reason I can think of for Veroni to give him chance after chance when he continually jeopardizes the trial with his behavior is that she still has feelings for him and doesn't want to mess things up for him.

Every time it happens, she feels stupid, feels betrayed, and claims that this is the end of WIll's career... but it never is.

I'd like for Natalie to be the one to suffer some consequences for this too. She's the one who stole the drugs and possibly worsened her mother's condition, even if Will decided to go along with it once he found out.

Goodwin is Sympathetic - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

That's likely coming, but so far, the story seems to be that Will is sacrificing everything for Natalie even though there's nothing but friendship between them.

That doesn't quite compute and hopefully will be short-lived.

To her credit, Natalie did at least tell Marcel the truth instead of making up some other outlandish story.

Marcel didn't seem bothered that she stole trial drugs. He just wanted to be part of the inner circle that knew what was going on with her.

Vanessa Keeps Trying - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

But then again, Marcel didn't have much of a problem with April forging his name to get a test done that he hadn't approved.

As soon as April turned out to be right about the donor lungs having been exposed to COVID, all was forgiven.

This whole April replacing doctors' judgment with her own arc requires suspension of disbelief since, in real life, her actions most likely would result in termination, if not criminal charges, for practicing medicine without a license.

But within the context of Chicago Med, it shows that April knows medicine extremely well and needs to get the license to match her understanding.

Dean's Two Cents - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

It's too bad she missed her interview, but since Yaya DaCosta is leaving Chicago Med, it wouldn't make sense for April to get into the program at Med itself. She's going to have to go elsewhere and leave Med behind, at least for now.

Elsewhere, did anyone else find Choi's insistence that Dean not circumvent the patient's right to consent more than a little hypocritical?

Choi was right, but how many times has he imposed his will on patients because he thought he knew better?

On the other hand, he is a stickler for rules, so sedating patients to undermine their ability to consent to procedures legally could be a bridge too far for the usually overcontrolling Choi.

A Turn For The Worse - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

Dean was full of surprises, too.

Sharon thought he was the right man for the job after he talked Mindy into having brain surgery after all, but since he's drugged patients in the past to give them surgery they didn't consent to, I'm not so sure.

And what the heck was going on with him and that support group? Was the Iraq story he told true? Was it really borrowed from a fellow veteran in the group? And is he even going to the group, or did he make that up?

(As a side note, what is it with doctor shows and made-up inspirational stories? The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 17 devoted a third of the hour to that same topic!)

Caught In The Middle - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

If Dean did borrow someone else's story, I'm not sure how ethical it was since what is said in such groups usually is supposed to stay there. Then again, he told the story as if it were his so nobody will know the real veteran's identity.

Another surprise: the resolution of the Ramona storyline.

Ramona was introduced as this woman who had stalked another doctor and switched her obsession to Dr. Charles, which was a far cry from how things ended up.

I would never have guessed that she was a sexual abuse survivor or that her real problem was that she wanted someone she could trust to talk about it.

Supporting Marcel - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

I wasn't sure that she was going to go through with going to the residential treatment facility. She was so hesitant to leave Dr. Charles' side. But in the end, she did take that step, and hopefully, that ends this storyline.

Either way, it's a better ending than I predicted. Anna was so secretive and weird when asking about Ramona that I was sure they were in contact, and this was going to end up with some dark, disturbing story about a stalker using Anna to get to Charles.

Speaking of obsessed people, Maggie told Sharon that today was Vanessa's last day, yet Vanessa said she would see her tomorrow when she left.

That inconsistency annoyed me, and so did Maggie's continued waffling about telling Vanessa the truth. I'd love for her to form a friendship with Vanessa's adoptive parents and tell them first, but I don't think that's going to happen.

A Potential Error - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15

Instead, I fully expect that Vanessa will find out in some unnecessarily dramatic way that could have been prevented if Maggie had been upfront with her in the first place.

Your turn, Chicago Med fanatics!

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Stories, Secrets, Half Truths And Lies Review

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Will: Sabrina. Haven't seen you around the ED lately.
Veroni: I haven't seen you around the trial office either. I know I've been a little hard on you.
Will: I deserved it.
Veroni: True.
Will: So how is the follow up going?
Veroni: Good. Kender is going into Phase I soon. You know what that means?
Will: Data analysis?
Veroni: That too.
Will: Wait. Are you saying there's still a chance for us?
Veroni: A slight chance.

Could be a drug interaction. We're gonna need a list of her meds.